Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sports Pick of the Weekend: KU Spring Game

Readers, today marks the public debut of Turner Gill's kinder, gentler Jayhawks, so make sure to take a brief break from boozing it up at the Larryville Luau and check out the Spring Game. But please refrain from yelling the popular KU chant of "Rip his fucking head off," because profanities make Gill cry.

Let's turn to the message boards and see if local sports fans are excited about the new era of KU football. Most comments, it seems, revolve around the stadium's new Jumbotron and the performance of KU basketball's Conner Teahan. Let's take a look at two choice quotes:

Wisconsin Jayhawk says: "I am most curious to see if Teahan will be moved to kicker so he can still heave up meaningless, off-the-mark three point attempts in the last seconds of the game."

And K-Man Blue has heard that the new Jumbotron "has the highest resolution High-Definition video board of any scoreboard in the country, college or pro, even the giant scoreboard at Dallas Stadium. I don't recall exactly, but they said the screen resolution is 1500 by 2500 or there-a-bouts. I have no clue if that's a true claim or not though. It did look very nice and it definitely is up and working."

Chip: "Great. The many ways that we suck will now be larger and more clear than ever before."

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