Thursday, April 15, 2010

Style Scout / This Week in Local Crime: Railroad Spike Attack at Free State! (now with picture!)

Readers, we're frankly a little baffled at the lack of response to yesterday's porn-related post about the return of Sammy RyRy to Larryville. Perhaps you've finally grown weary of our vulgarities. Or perhaps you are just lazy. Or perhaps you decided to head to Miracle Video, rent a few RyRy films, and rub one out instead of commenting (if that's the case, you're forgiven).

At any rate, let's move on and see if you all have anything to say about today's Style Scout subject, Jonah Neff, who was Scouted while "sitting on my porch with my pup, Pickles, waitin’ on a storm to brew." Neff likes "Adidas Originals and slip-on Vans" and is "a fan of ’80s-style running shoes with a slightly retro aesthetic." Neff would like to see more cowboy hats in Lawrence and wears a lot of band T-shirts because he enjoys "wearable art — support and promotion all wrapped into one useable item."

Here's Neff (click to enlarge).

Richard: "I like everything about this guy, especially his beard and his Butchers and Builders T-shirt. Very cool band. I'd like to party with this dude AND his pup, Pickles."

But what do you think, fashion mavens?


Accoding to the LJ-World, a peaceful afternoon at Free State was rudely shattered yesterday when a man appeared and "began threatening restaurant patrons with a railroad spike" before being "tackled by a 49-year-old Lawrence man and held until police arrived."

Let's check in with the LJ-World talkbackers, which includes this eye-witness report from TheBigW:

"Too bad there is no way to post photos here, this low life had some real nice tattoos on his face, on the right cheek the word "horse" and on the left cheek the word "Sh*t" . Then like a moron he is he tried to fight the 8 cops."

Captain Chanute: "Oh, I know that guy. His name is 'Horse Shit.'"

And notwhatyouthink says: "If everyone would stop feeding them, and giving them change so they can buy their booze and porno magizines. If the city would not let them camp out when we already have a law against it. I think you would find that they all would just leave, because there would be no reason for them to come here."

Here's a picture of 'Horse Shit' being subdued by a guy you've all seen hanging out on the Free State patio many times but that maybe you had never pegged as a hero.


Capt. Chanute said...

notwhatyouthink, let me give you an analogy. Transients are like animals (I mean, the guy's name is Horse Shit, but pretend he's an animal). And animals are kept in zoos. And when people visit the zoos, there are signs that read: Don't feed the animals. When people see those signs, they immediately throw peanuts and bread crumbs into the animals cages for them to eat. The city law is like a Don't Feed the Animals sign. Next time you want to complain, do as the others do, throw the animal some food (or booze or Sammy RyRy rentals) and watch the monkey dance. Pure entertainment.

i prefer birthday suits and sparklers said...

Capt. Chanute pulled a notyouraveragetroll maneuever from the LJWorld talkbacks...nice!

And in my ongoing diatribe against the Style Scout...why don't these schmucks ever have on a thread of the clothing they describe as their favorite items?!

beth said...

I've said it before, but I'm not sure why any "style scout" would bother "scouting" someone in a t-shirt and shorts. There's nothing stylish in this look. The dog's got more style.

horse shit said...

Nah, I think Chanute's repetition is deliberate and so that we'll make sure to pay attention.

Beth is correct in that the whole "style" thing tends to get lost in the focus on weirdness. But this Neff seems pretty fucking cool.

Capt. Chanute said...

Honestly, how can you not be considered a hero if you tackle a guy named Horse Shit? It'd be like beating the shit out of a guy with words Kiddie Diddler tattooed across his forehead. Too easy.

some of us were sick yesterday said...

Twat Squad really does sound pretty good. I wonder what the "T" stands for?