Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekend Picks: Percolator Events (including Destroy Nate Allen and The Leotards) And Final Fridays Events (Including Sean Starwars at Wonder Fair)

[Update:  we just received word from Craig "Manly-Smelling" Comstock that tonight's Percolator show is off.  Apparently Destroy Nate Allen destroyed the show by double-booking at the Newsroom in KC instead.   Why couldn't they play both an early show in LFK and a late show in KC, as bands often do?  Who knows?  Anyway,  you can see them at the Newsroom at 10:00 with Some Kid and Baby Boomers.  We're leaving their part of the blog post up anyway because it contains some boner jokes that we like.]


Readers, if you're like us, you are suffering from heat madness!  But how hot IS it? It's so hot Chip can barely muster a boner joke (or even a boner, for that matter).  And it's so hot we switched from Hamm's to Hamm's on ice.  But you might as well embrace the madness and join a bunch of folkies and punks and punk-folkies for a potluck dinner during the hottest part of the day at the Percolator this evening.  Dinner starts at 5:00, and later you can enjoy the sounds of such bands as Destroy Nate Allen, a husband/wife duo who are known for wacky on-stage shenanigans and songs with titles like "Boobie Bar" (listen here).  Perhaps Chip's boner will rise again after all!   Other acts include Some Kid and Machete Party.

 With Our Powers Combined cover art

Assuming you survive the heat and the Machete Party this evening, don't forget to return to the Percolator on Saturday for a rare sighting of LFK's most vulgar vulgarians The Leotards.  Here is a link to the greatest song they've ever done (perhaps the greatest song they'll ever do, since it is truly a supreme achievement).
And here are The Leotards looking tough outside their studio on Missouri Street.

Get the full scoop on all the bands at the next three Percolator events via our blog entry from yesterday:  right here.


And sandwiched in between these rock shows is Final Friday.  Get full summaries of the events over at the Wordpress site, but we'll offer a few intriguing possibilities here.

1)  Wonder Fair looks to be returning to its weird roots with a show by Sean Starwars called "A Fuck Ton of Prints."   The description sounds right up our alley:

"His work features familiar pop culture heroes and villains, southern culture ephemera, and the inner workings of a man who drinks way to much Mountain Dew. Done in a style reminiscent of Hannah Barbara cartoons or a pig cooking another pig on a Barbecue joint sign, Starwars’ woodcuts are both creepy and hilarious."

Starwars (if that's indeed his real name!) recently made a woodcut a day for an entire year.  Check a bunch of his work out over here at his official website.  Based on what we've perused, this dude absolutely loves hot dogs, clowns, and (of course) Mountain Dew.  

Here's one of our favorite (and most disturbing) Starwars' pieces called "Groped at the Grocery":

Chip: " Notice the sign at top left:  "Tender Fresh Breasts."  That's clever.  Also, I prefer this piece to anything Picasso has ever done."

And WHY hasn't someone made a horror movie yet about a deranged, horny Piggly-Wiggly mascot on a supermarket sex and murder spree?  We'll begin the script promptly.
2)  Molly Murphy's show at the Pig is called "Remarkably Unmemorable."  We can't say that the title is very inspiring taken on its own!  But it takes on new meanings if you actually read the description at the Wordpress site.

3)  But perhaps the best bet of the evening is The Invisible Hand's "Friends of the Hand" show, a final event at the space before moving on to a new gallery.  It will feature the work of 23 of your favorite local artists. Check out the FB event page here.

The Friends Of The Hand

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