Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Twitter Tone-Poem of B-Neck Memories

On Wednesday, we kicked off a fun new collaborative series with I Heart Local Music in which we recall our favorite shows at five different LFK venues.

First up was the Bottleneck, and our posts (which you should read here at the LC and here at I Heart Local Music) led to a flurry of tweets where people recalled their own favorite B-Neck tales using the hashtag #bneckmemories .  Many of them were too good to let vanish into the Twittersphere, so we're collecting some of them here today, Twitter-tone-poem style (one section has even been arranged into chronological order!). 


                                                              B-Neck Memories

First of many #bneckmemories was from when it was Off the Wall Hall, 
January 1981, 
Rock Against Reagan. 

Wayback: brown smelly goo rains down on BHole Surfers crowd. 
I spy drummer's hand in giant tin of beans

Also: The Residents. Whoa. What can one say about The Residents other than just "Whoa."

My 1st show;
I was 15. 
I don't know the date 
but Frank Black punched me in the chest after a show w/ the Catholics

Tad Kepley hopping onstage at the Helmet show and urinating into the crowd
I saw Ghost Face throw a cash register into the liquor & mirror
Watching John Reis from Rocket From The Crypt split a kids head open with his Les Paul

12/20/95 danced on stage w/ Babes in Toyland,

I took my senior skip day to participate in the Flaming Lips Boombox Experiment there in '98,
definite all-time highlight.

Hanging out front with the Melvins to watch a band rock out
inside their tiny touring van. 
Complete with pyrotechnics. '99

2/16/01 Ignoring Flogging Molly on their first tour because I got too drunk watching the Blue Meanies
In '02 saw butch walker and the marvelous 3 sing his encore in the middle of a packed bottleneck. I cried.

2/7/02 - Climber, Mi6, Jeremy's Box. 
Ended up taking Climber home. 
Joey blew up Diet Dr Pepper in my freezer

Shaking my ass to The People's "You Get Old" back in 2003. Fuck. I got old

My first show in Lawrence was at the Bottleneck in 2004, before I moved here. 
It was Joanna Newsom and The Only Children.

Seeing Of Montreal play there in 05
Kevin Barnes came out in a wedding dress & said
"Lawrence will u marry me?"

Seeing Kill Creek play at least 40 times, and constantly remembering more lyrics than Scott Born.
Getting to see Split Lip Rayfield &  Kirk Rundstrom on his "farewell tour."
I accidently saw my bandmate's dick upstairs in the greenroom one time
Seeing Thom Yorke dismissively not singing the chorus to "Creep" on The Bends tour,
Two Words: Danger Fucking Bob
Making out w/my future x-husband at a Danger Bob show
Playing pinball with Ben Folds.

Drove 8 hrs to see Ben Folds Five. 
Door guy wouldn’t let us in (minors). 
Tour manager took pity, 
helped load out piano after.

Watching The Dead Milkmen from the alleyway, thinking this is a great Milkmen cover band
Pretended to be A/C Repair and harassed poor Sufjan Stevens 
Gettin' real lit in the parking lot and hittin' on Matt Costa's wife

Sloppy drunk 
meeting Jared Leto outside the venue 
and telling him that his hair is pretty
and that he has dreamy eyes.

The Wesley Willis Experience opening for the Urge, 
and the KU Greeks having NO IDEA how to handle the existence of Wesley.

The Tesla Coil arcing electricity on stage 
after Man...Or Astroman?'s last song (1996), 
crowd stuffed with Little Debbies.

Soundgarden playing to 50 people because crowd cleared out after Kill Whitey/Homestead Grays

Cops pushing me (and others) out of the way, 
leading a handcuffed, glassy eyed HR (Bad Brains) outta the bar. July '95
Bad Brains was still playing when the cops led HR out of the bar. 
The song? "Day Tripper."
(No vocals, of course)

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