Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mid-Week Scenester Pick: Gospel Music (From Kill Rock Stars) At Bottleneck / Plus: Venus Transit

Readers, Gospel Music arrives at the Bottleneck tomorrow (Wed. June 6).  Don't worry, irreligious scenesters, we're not talking about an evening of ironic gospel music, we're talking about the buzzy new project on Kill Rock Stars called Gospel Music.  Just read these blurbs from the Kill Rock Stars site and try to resist (you can hear a few songs there too):

"...homespun lo-fi, layering toy piano, organ and banjo over jangly guitars, bouncy basslines and minimalist drums."

We haven't seen a great toy piano jam since Transmittens left town.  Tell us more!

"In “Bedroom Farce,” [Holmes] and Long play lovers smitten with, respectively, a special-education teacher and a Proust enthusiast who are themselves lovers..."

We haven't encountered a Proust enthusiast in the media since Little Miss Sunshine!  What else?

“Letʼs Run” is a Velvet-Underground-informed ode to long-distance running... “Apartment” features Long in a twee-pop gem that would be at home on an old Sarah Records comp..." 


Check out the official Gospel Music website here .

The evening also doubles as a tour kick-off for Katlyn Conroy's La Guerre and also features Spirit is the Spirit and CS Luxem.  Head over to the FB event page and confirm your presence at this event!

Here's the poster (presumably made before Gospel Music joined the bill):



Special note for star nerds:

Today's Venus transit (which won't occur again for 105 years) can be observed at a public viewing at the Lied Center starting at 4:30 pm, sponsored by Astronomy Associates of Lawrence.  Read details here about getting to the Lied since half the roads in Larryville are obstacle courses of construction work right now.

Chip: "I'm busy, but I'll try to catch it again in 2117."

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