Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recent Concert Reviews / Local Business of the Week: Bombshells

Sadly, the boys didn't make it to KC for last night's She and Him show, partly out of fear that our massive Zooey-boners would frighten the genteel listeners who discovered the band through NPR or because the albums were playing at Starbucks. So we'll have to content ourselves with Elke Mermis's Pitch's review.

Here are some excerpts:

"At times, [Zooey's] seasoned alto echoed through the Uptown with glints of the howling force of Neko Case..."

Richard: "I love her, but...doubtful."

"Even after a sound guy fiddled around with some wires behind the booth, the band still sounded as though they were underwater. (And not in an artful, emulating-The-Graduate suburban despair sort of underwater; it was as though She and Him was literally drenched in soggy waves of reverb.)"

Too bad. But it's also sort of reassuring to hear that Larryville isn't the only town with incompetent sound guys. (Also, nice Graduate reference, reviewer! we love anything relating to suburban ennui!).

"Critics' Bias: I don't love Zooey Deschanel -- her spacey on-screen charms mystify me -- but I think that M. Ward's solo work is downright transcendent."

Richard: "A classic hipster-reviewer statement there. Yes, we get it, you're incapable of being fully impressed by the hipster 'It' girl and you, deep down, believe that M. Ward has sold out by hooking up with someone in the mainstream. 'Transcendent?'"


Twitter continues to enlighten us regarding parts of Larryville culture we never even knew existed. This week's discovery: Bombshells.

Bombshells' takes pin-up photographs of local women. Their "mission statement": "To prove every girl of every age in every walk of life is gorgeous and to help her see it. It's a lifestyle and an attitude."

Chip: "While I can't fully agree with the mission statement--I mean, come on, we've all seen ugly women before--I love that this service exists and hope it's discovered and utilized by women such as my Quinton's waitresses."

Check out some of the pin-ups here:


And follow Bombshells on Twitter here:



Benjamin A. Irwin said...

Thank you third-wave feminism for bringing back pin-ups and burlesque!

Anonymous said...

when are we going to talk about lawrence.com's editor opening? who do we endorse?

Chip for Editor! said...

There would be nothing but boner jokes and party pics from Quinton's. And maybe there would still be recipes...but only for chicken-fried steaks.

Seriously, though, we hope they hire someone who actually cares about local culture. If only we were qualified...

Power and Light District Part II said...

I shall run Lawrence.com!


too late said...

You must not have visited Lawrence.com lately.