Friday, August 13, 2010

Geek Pick of the Weekend: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World / Hipster or Hobo?

We're headed out early today to join the geeks, gamers, sensitive indie-types, and Edgar Wright fans for opening day of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Let's check in with a few of the outrageous claims being made over at Ain't It Cool News.

AICN reviewer Mr. Beaks says:

"Wright's dazzling us with an array of punch-kick, form-and-content combinations that would send Eisenstein sprawling; like Scorsese, De Palma and Tarantino, he's borrowing from the masters and creating his own language."

And a reader-submitted review insists that the film offers "...comedy the likes of which not put to film since the death of Harpo Marx."

Consider us skeptical, but intrigued. See you at the box-office.

Chip: "I'll be one auditorium over, watching The Expendables with the real men."


We've spent the morning (usefully as always) debating on Twitter whether the following fellow is a hipster or hobo?

Readers, that's Tyler Gregory, and the correct answer is actually hippie, but lately he's infiltrated Larryville's hipster society through recent shows at the Replay (we're strangely aroused by his band's barefoot lady washboard player). Tonight Gregory will be opening for singer/songwriter David Dondero at the Jackpot. NPR has called Dondero one of our "greatest living songwriters," which surely means that a fair amount of NPR-loving Larryville liberals will stay up later than usual to check out the show.

We'd totally go ourselves if Dondero were playing at a venue where hipsters would shut the fuck up and listen. As it is, we'll just stay home where it's cool and listen to his NPR Tiny Desk concert:

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