Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Boys Check Out Pitchweekly's "Not Safe For Work" Slideshow Called "One Night in Westport" / Pick of the Day: Leeches of Lore at the Replay

If you're like the boys, you enjoy looking at interesting pictures on the interweb, but good local pictures are increasingly hard to find since "Style Scout" these days focuses only on people wearing jeans and T-shirts (sure, it's our own preferred look, but we never said we'd make good Scout subjects) and since A. Ruscin only offers her "Party Pics" every two months or so.

Luckily, InkKC and Pitchweekly keep us amused with interesting photo spreads such as the current "One Night in Westport" (along with a feature article about how Westport security is banning certain people from the area altogether).

Below is a picture from the series which, sadly, does not offer a much-needed caption to explain its mysteries. As near as we can tell it's a "ho" being spanked by some of her colleagues and possibly her pimp. Click to enlarge.

And you can check out the full slideshow here if you like:


Based on our research, Leeches of Lore seem to get compared to Ween a lot, and they come from New Mexico, and they mix metal and country. This review from their Myspace sounds like it was written by our vulgarian friend Dr. X:

"...let me break it down so these knucklefucks can understand it... The Leeches of Lore own your fuckin asses. This album is a schizophrenic cocktail of classic metal riffs, sinister thrash meltdowns, and some good ol' western campfire jammin', just to make it interesting."

Be sure to visit their Myspace page and rock out with songs like "Dicktacle," "I am the Raptor," and "Mountain Candy Rape."

(other song titles from the band which are not on their Myspace include: "Pig Scrapings," and "Dance Of The Fairy At The Springtime Witching").

Our feminist readers: "Any metal band that sings songs with 'rape' in the title is a menace, since metal fans are notoriously incapable of perceiving any sort of irony."


@BARRR said...

I think you printed the 1 pic they considered

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, I have not used the word knucklefuck enough lately. I'm too damn happy. It's making me lose my knucklefucking edge.

Coming back to Larryvillecand laying my pipe upside some of these knucklefuck's heads oughta get me good and riled up! Then, I can go into the Cave and introduce some sultry bitches to the more romantic side of knucklefuckery.

--I shall use Kip's knuckles; I plan on cutting his hands off.