Friday, August 6, 2010

The LC's Local Band Showcase: Colony Collapse / Weekend Reading Material

Old fans (if we still have any?) may remember a blog about Colony Collapse from way, way back in the day, perhaps even before we were broadcasting from this address. At that time, the band was a fledgling young instrumental group who were VERY concerned about bees and preferred playing most of their shows at bee colonies. Over the years, however, they've become a local club act, appearing recently on The Turnpike and opening a major show for Appleseed Cast at the Jackpot tonight. But they STILL love bees.

Let's look at their Myspace bio:

We are an instrumental band composing music based on CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)...we are here to increase awareness to this modern tragedy, and create music resembling the wonderful insect, and what it might be like to go through the hardships that the honey bee may encounter due to CCD."

Check out the lovely "Big Bee Hive in the Sky Part 2" on their Myspace page, and let's hope that hipsters stop their usual opening-act chatter during their set tonight and quietly think about bees:


Yes, we realize that most of you hipster readers haven't read anything longer than a Pitchfork album review in years, but we still like to showcase important books that you should be reading. This weekend's choice: Rick Moody's new novel, The Four Fingers of Death:

"Purporting to be the novelization of the remake of a 1963 B movie, “The Crawling Hand,” written by a fictional author, Montese Crandall, the novel gives voice to various characters: a lovelorn astronaut, a Korean stem-cell scientist, and a Marxism-spouting chimpanzee. Postmodern gymnastics aside, the book is entertaining and often poignant, probing the limits of technology, consciousness, and language in the face of grief."

Richard: "Nothing's more poignant than a Marxism-spouting chimpanzee. Moody often gets overlooked these days in favor of Eggers and Franzen et al but, having once taught the better portion of a class on the metaphorical significance of masturbation in The Ice Storm, I can assure you that he's still got much to offer."


Honkey bees go home said...

Colony collapse disorder is a crazy cause celebre. Yes, on the one hand, it's important to understand why bee colonies are collapsing, but it's also important to remember that European honey bees are an introduced, primarily agricultural species. Yes, CCD threatens our honey supply (what will little-old ladies put in their tea?) and the intense agribusiness that drives bees around to pollinate huge monoculture crops, but for local ecosystems it may be a godsend. It will allow indigenous bee species to rebound. Small crops, especially heterogenous crops that favor species that interact well with indigenous pollinators, have nothing to fear from CCD.

This is a sickness created by the white man for the white bee.

free PBR! said...

Easily our favorite comment of the week! Dr. C, one would imagine?

Anyway, bees aside, does this band rock, or don't they?

You got me said...

Thanks. Can I trade two PBRs for a decent beer?