Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goodbye, Broadband Man! / Recent Concert Reviews: Lady Gaga / This Week at the Multiplex

The top news story today is the sale of Sunflower Broadband to small, Georgia-headquartered Knoxology Inc. The LJ-World hagiography kicks off with these words: "In the beginning there was the vision. Forty-five years later, it was a spectacular reality." Anyway, that reality is done, and we only hope that the new company has a mascot as awesome as Broadband Man, who never failed to swoop in and save the day when we were having trouble ordering OnDemand porn.

Here's a shot we once took of BB Man visiting the Body Boutique booth at a festival in South Park.


The boys were denied tickets to last night's Lady Gaga show at the Sprint Center because they were deemed (slightly) too straight to fit in among the Lady's "little monsters," but the Pitch's review suggests that the performance, structured as a sort of quest-narrative, was quite impressive:

"As Gaga fought a gigantic undersea monster (from the depths of her subconscious, perhaps?) she called the Fame Monster, the fans cheered rabidly. When the Monster ate her (which she wanted: "Just eat me, motherfucker!") the fans cheered rabidly."

Chip: "I think the Fame Monster is a subtle metaphor for how she wrestles with fame, and sometimes feels devoured by it."


This summer's multiplex audiences have been so caught up in intelligent existential animated sagas (Toy Story 3) and intelligent sci-fi mindfucks (Inception) that CGI talking-animal flicks have been suffering at the box office. Last weekend's 3-D Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore struggled to find its audience, despite an intriguing premise: "members of a canine spy network recruit a disgraced police dog (James Marsden) to stop Kitty Galore (Bette Midler), a “radical felinist” who plans to unleash a sound that will cause dogs to turn on their human owners." (AV-Club).

Take a look at these images and consider checking it out this week.

Chip: "That dog is wearing glasses!! The only way films like this could be improved is if theaters bring back Smell-O-Vision to enhance the fart jokes."


Lydia said...

Take it from me. The Lady Gaga show was Fucking Fabulous. Also, I sat next to a totally straight guy at the concert. Granted, he was escorting his adorable and 100% gay son. Now that's a great dad!

poker face said...

We'll look forward to hearing a full report on the experience.

An anonymous gleek said...

That is totally a scene from Glee! Who knew it happens in real life too.

Anonymous said...

wowzerz. I only play gay on tv.