Thursday, August 26, 2010

Has "Style Scout" Heard Our Pleas? / "Final Fridays" Coverage Continues (Wonder Fair Edition) / Replay Is Chosen as a "Best College Bar" in America?!

One of the (many) excellent things about Twitter is that it allows us to publicly air our grievances with various publications, restaurants, and bars when we don't approve of their work! In recent weeks, Richard (along with an angry Twitter-mob of townies and scenesters) has been bombarding the Twitter account with complaints about the dullness of the last few Style Scout columns. @lcom promised to rectify the situation for us, and certainly today's subjects are far preferable to some of the unstylish dullards we've encountered there recently. Here's a quick look.

Erica Friedheim is a KJHK DJ with "a Grateful Dead dancing bear on my foot, a Gerber Daisy behind my ear, a chamsa hand on the back of my neck, and a quote on the left side of my rib cage that says, “If music be the food of love, play on.” She "secretly want[s] to fist-pump with the cast of “Jersey Shore” — for one night only." (Chip: "Who doesn't? Also, I'd totally bang Snooki.").

Arguably even more interesting is KU Social Welfare professor Mark Holter, who claims his fashion is "influenced by the French situationalists" and "New York City Proto-punks: Tom Verlaine, Patti Smith, etc." We can't quite tell from the picture if this is true or not, but we'd love to hang with this dude and rock out to Marquee Moon while discussing Larryville's boring "homogenous architecture."


According to the LJ-World, tomorrow's Final Fridays art event will almost certainly gain Larryville a reputation as "the Santa Fe of the Midwest." We've got our art and boozing trajectory pretty much planned out: free hot dog dinner at Wayne Propst's Bourgeois Pig "babydollhead" exhibit followed by a stroll through Zaguar's trickery at the Hobbs Lofts and culminating (of course) with a trip to Wonder Fair for a "text-based object installation" by Sighn.

Here's one of his works:

Chip: "I really don't think it would take him that long to explain this. It's a sign, lying on its side, with a message meant to shame me for not 'getting' the art. But I'm not particularly shamed."

Check out a preview of the show here:


Aside from the fact that it's decidedly NOT a "college bar," we're still happy that the Replay clocks in at #31 on a list from of the "best college bars in America":

"Live music, pinball, and a nice outdoor patio make Replay a great alternative to the Greek Jayhawk chaos that can sometimes consume you at KU."

Now let's just hope that this doesn't lead to the place filling up with "bros" who are smashed on Jagermeister and demanding that the Vigilantes play some Dave Matthews covers.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget The Wheel, bro!

Dr. Complex said...

This magazine is commendable in that it was one of the first to promote Katy Perry's cleavage. Kudos.

dj gloria vanderbilt said...

I think Fourth of July's CD release show is tomorrow at the Jackpot...might be worth checking out after all of the art stuff.

dj nu said...

I don't think it's a cd release party. I do think however, that fourth of july will be at the jackpot releasing gas. Let's skip the bullshit, Gloria, and cuddle on a bench in Southpark instead. What do you say, doll?

fuck me said...

From this distance, that guy looks like Ray Bradbury. Hot!

frat fellow said...


See you at The Replay.

PinballQueen said...

Really, they have pinball?