Friday, August 20, 2010

The LC's Guide To This Year's Busker Fest!

Yes, readers, this is the annual weekend when downtown Larryville invites hobos and gypsies from all over the country (as if we didn't have enough already) to entertain passers-by with their shenanigans.

Here are our picks for a few acts that surely need to be seen:

1) El Gleno Grande. According to the LJ-World, he will be performing "a horse act without a horse."

Chip: "So he's just going to pretend to fuck a horse?"

2) Bruiser, the World's Biggest Dog

Chip: "Is this some sort of morbidly obese dog?"

Richard: "I think it's just a guy in a dog suit.

Chip: "Boring. Next."

3) MamaLou StrongWoman. We enjoyed her feats of strength last year and found her act oddly arousing and strangely terrifying (because we know she could snap us in two like twigs).

4) Voler, Thieves of Flight Aerial Artists: These ladies perform trapeze acts outside the Lawrence Arts Center, bending themselves into positions rarely seen outside the boys' erotic fantasies. Here's a picture of them wielding swords. Wouldn't you like to see them engage in a street brawl with a group of Larryville hobos wielding local instruments of destruction such as railroad spikes and cue-balls-in-Crown-Royal bags? We'd tip very well for that shit.

5) Tribal Fusion Bellydancers: We believe this is a local company and according to the Busker Fest website, "The girls will bend over backwards to bring a new slant to belly dancing and get your attention."

Chip: "If you see that I have strategically placed myself behind some shrubbery during this act, it's probably because my boner is standing at full attention."

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@BARRR said...

Went downtown with my girls this morning....too early for the lazy Buskers to be out. It's so muggy...I have a feeling mASS st....will smell just like IT!