Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Boys Look at One of Their All-Time Favorite Local Photos / KU Football Coverage Begins!

Late as ever, the LJ-World and have finally taken note of the fact that the Replay and the Wheel made the list of 50 Best College Bars.

The story on is accompanied by the following 2007 file photo of Replay Lounge employees, the sight of which will surely inspire a flood of fond memories to any hipster worth his or her...PBR. Click to enlarge.

Richard: "I remember the very first time Nanda handed me a can of PBR. I could literally feel myself getting hipper with each drink, much like Popeye gaining strength from his can of spinach."

Chip: "I remember ordering a Coors while wearing my Forttt Scottt tennis sweatshirt. Travis gave me a hard stare and said, 'Are you sure you're in the right bar?'"


If you're like the boys, you're excited to be in attendance for Saturday's football home opener, which marks the beginning of the Turner Gill era. But please don't yell the "Rip his fucking head off" chant during the game, because profanities make Gill cry.

It's hard to say exactly what Gill's been up to with the team, but some of the reports make us a little nervous. Here are some excerpts from a UDK piece yesterday:

"Gill removed players' names from the backs of their jerseys to create a more unified team feeling."

Chip: "I fear he's an Obama-style socialist!"

"He has spent time this summer organizing team bonding activities."

Did they make S'mores?

"He preaches character and dignity."

The word "preaches" in that sentence may well be more accurate than the writer realizes.

We'll see you at tomorrow's downtown block party/Gill-o-rama (which will include no food or drink vendors due to the city's inability to get their shit together and get a license).

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I wish to lay bone to two of these women. said...

Girl on stool, far right.

Girl in middle, if I can turn her around and take her doggy while she cups my birdcage and calls me 'the Big Spooner'.

--That is all.