Saturday, August 14, 2010

What to Do in Larryville This Weekend

If you're a Larryville progressive and foodie, you no doubt began the annual "Eat Local Challenge" this morning. See you at the Merc, while making sure our tomatoes are coming from within the appropriate radius from Larryville.

If you used to be a sorostitute or a frat boy and still love waxing nostalgic about the glory days when you got well and truly blitzed on Bahama Mamas and had sex in the alley behind the Sandbar, you can relive those special moments at tonight's Sandbar 21st Anniversary Party. Sure, you have to pay five dollars to squeeze into the crowded beer garden, but you're really paying for the chance to mingle with some of the hottest MILF's in town (and numerous local "celebrities"). See you on top of the bar for the Hurricane.

Hipsters will obviously opt for an excellent triple-header at the Jackpot. Current KC buzz-band Soft Reeds are opening for Be/Non (weren't you just here a few weeks ago, Brodie?) who are opening for Kinetiks.

Here's an exceerpt from a review of the Kinetik's recent Science is Magic from our English Department buddy Jason B. Fox:

"The Kinetiks new album "Science is Magic" is a bricoleur’s rock and roll manifesto... these eight tracks are a carnival-ride fusion of disco, '80s pop-punk, darker '90s themes. It's a fun, synth-filled distortion fest that channels a Pixies-esque modulation between loud and soft, invitation and rejection."

Richard: "I didn't even know that Foxy wrote album reviews! We love the word 'bricoleur' but grow weary of the Pixies loud/quiet comparison used by critics for every indie band."

Here are the Kinetiks with a keyboard and cute tiger. See you at the Jackpot.


Anonymous said...

The Merc is kind of a joke with their prices. What a scam!

Oh, and Jason Fox is the best.

Anonymous said...

Foxy is a fiend and a terror!

I suspect he reads Proust.

--Mutha Fucka.

Debbi said...

This is way late, but I've been recovering from the block party.

I hope you were there when the cruise director/lead singer of Stomper (or maybe Magentlemen? not sure) made a cougar reference. It was quite funny.