Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Boys Consider the Pitch Music Showcase in KC

We didn't make it over on Thursday to check out the Pitch Music Showcase, in which KC and Larryville bands showcased their wares at venues across the city, but here are the main things we've gathered through the Pitch's extensive coverage:

1) The Rooftop Vigilantes played a set to about 14 people in the cavernous Beaumont Club, easily one of the worst possible venues to spotlight their up-close-and-personal antics. Why not book them in the fucking Sprint Center next time?

2) Soft Reeds taught audiences "what it sounds like when continents fuck." (Presumably this is an insider music joke from the Pitch writers, but we have no clue what it means).

3) Hipsters look even more boring in artsy black-and-white rock photography. Check out this view from the stage during the Noise FM's set. Is the hipster on the left asleep, or is he dancing? With hipsters, there's not much difference between the two.

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