Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kickball Tournament / Food Website of the Week: Foodspotting

Tonight marks the second and final Sunday of the kickball tournament, which makes us very happy because it means that after tonight (followed by a few weeks of analysis and whining and boasting) townies might finally shut the fuck up about kickball for awhile.

Our PBR is on Pita Pit. Don't they always win? Is that place even still open? Or is it just a front that allows a group of kickball hooligans to assemble each year and cheat their way to sweet, sweet victory? Here's the prediction from Sunday(s) in the Park regarding tonight's Pita Pit/Red Lyon match-up:

"PP seems insulted and angry by their #3 seeding. Having lost to only 3 teams in their entire team history, can anyone give them a second loss this season PREDICTION: PP 14 RL 6"

As for us, we'll be home watching Mad Men, but please remember to send us photos if there are female streakers (particularly if they are boner-worthy).


Do you enjoy taking pictures of delicious meals and posting them on your food blogs? We do. In fact, Chip has an entire blog dedicated to memorable chicken-fried steaks (most delicious: Slow Ride Roadhouse).

You might want to check out a website called Foodspotting: www.

The site allows readers around the world to post photos of their meals, which viewers can then appreciate by clicking on "want it" or "nom it" (by the way, we fucking hate that "nom nom nom" term for eating that people use constantly on-line).

We were planning to buy an order of truffle fries for the first person to post a Burger Stand photo to the site, but it seems that someone has already documented Krause's establishment. Here's a photo from Kristen of the Burger Stand's Chicago Dog:

So far it has received zero "noms," so make sure to go to the site and "nom" it.

Chip: "I always thought hot dogs were served on a bun and contained a wiener?"

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