Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Final Fridays Preview, Part II / Hipster Show of the Week / An Impressive Literary Promotional Stunt

Details continue to emerge regarding Larryville's Final Fridays art event, including this intriguing news we spotted on the Rangelife Records website:

"...don't miss Zaguar's mirrors-and-monitor installation "Security" in the Hobbs Taylor Building, 8th and New Hampshire - one night only!"

We tend to think of Zaguar as Larryville's greatest collagist, sprawled on a floor surrounded by magazine clippings and PBR cans, meticulously pasting John Wayne heads on Lady Gaga bodies, but we'll certainly see any kind of "art" that he presents.

And don't forget to end your Final Fridays experience by heading to the Jackpot for the local CD release party for Rangelife's own Fourth of July, who fucking finally decided to give us the second album we've been awaiting for so many years (it's called "Before Our Hearts Explode"...dig the album cover below).

Richard: "For some reason I feel like I've seen Fourth of July eleven times already this year, even though it's only been twice. Even so, I wouldn't think about missing this show because Omaha hipster-rapper Conchance is opening. Please go to his Myspace and listen to the song 'Hipster Bitches.'"


We love literary promotional stunts, and this one is pretty damn ambitious:

"Using a GPS tracking device as a "pen", Newcomen took about 10 days to complete each word, turning on his GPS logger when he wanted to write and turning it off between letters, videoing himself at landmarks along the route for documentation. He drove 12,328 miles in total, across 30 American states, inputting the data once he was finished into Google Earth to create the world's largest book advertisement."

Being technologically dumb, we don't fully understand this, but here's what it looked like:

Chip: "If someone is willing to go to this much trouble, the least I can do is reread The Fountainhead."

Richard: "I was planning to perform a similar stunt to promote Franzen's new novel: "Read Freedom!" But now maybe I won't bother."


Lydia said...

Newcomen could have saved himself some time and just opened up a copy of MS Paint. I'm not going to give him too much grief, though. Kid grew up with the last name "Newcomen." He's probably got enough issues already.

@BARRR said...

Don't forget to jam the new Fourth of July podcast I did last week.

we shop at Jensen's said...

The only thing better than rocking with Fourth of July is buying PBR from them!

Cork and Barrel said...

not better than fucking his girlfriend while he's on stage!