Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Larryville's "Final Fridays" Begin This Week! / Museum of Bad Art / TRON Gets Sexy!

If you're a Larryville art-lover, you are no doubt making plans to attend this week's "Final Fridays" downtown art event which will surely make us as hip as KC and their "First Fridays" in the Crossroads District. We hope to showcase numerous "Final Fridays" events here at the LC, starting with a can't-miss reception at the Pig: your second local opportunity to see Wayne Propt's melted and mutilated "babydollheads" on display. The flier also promises free hot dogs, assuming the dollheads don't ruin your appetites.

And what will our buddies down at Wonder Fair be offering us on Friday? We hope to report back soon on that.


Not all art can be as outstanding as misshapen babydoll heads. If you enjoy looking at less successful pieces, allow us to recommend The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA), a website we discovered via a tip from the Unknown Hipster. This on-line collection contains fascinating exhibits with titles like "blue people," "here the symbols crash," and (our favorite) "in the nood," from which we'll showcase this piece called "Disappointment." Each work on the site is accompanied by a bit of analysis:

"Their sunburns, and the empty champagne bottle help explain the young man's regrettable inability to stay awake on the first night of his honeymoon. His new wife gazes blankly, wondering, "Is that all there is?"

Chip: "To me, this piece has a wonderfully melancholy quality that's easily the equal of Edward Hopper's best work. In fact, I prefer it to 'Nighthawks.' Is my opinion indisputably wrong?"

Go here for more: http://www.museumofbadart.org/


We follow a number of self-identified "geek girls" on Twitter, many of whom have websites or blogs and travel around the country attending comic-cons and engaging in "cosplay" (Chip: "I believe that's some sort of sex game in which people roleplay characters from The Cosby Show.").

One of our favorites is The Nerdybird, whose website headline is "Has Boobs, Reads Comics" (www.thenerdybird.com).

Today her site focuses on a very important set of instructional sex videos/images for young geeks, in which TRONs demonstrate a number of positions ranging from the basic (the Missionary) to the more expert (the playing-the-cello; the pearly gates). Please make sure to go here and check it out:


We'll leave you with this image of "the armchair":

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