Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KC Out-hips Larryville With The Miss Riot Room Pageant / An Important Sandbar Contest / Vintage Lesbian Erotica

As we were browsing the web for important local/regional stories yesterday, a Pitch headline caught our eye: "May the best slut win." The story details last weekend's Miss Riot Room 2010 contest, in which contestants (all five of them) were judged in such categories as "a 'show us what you typically sleep in' installment and...a 'skank' sideshow that encouraged the contestants to be inspired by their inner skank." The article offers a useful breakdown of each contestant's best moments from the evening. Tessa's 'talent,' it seems, was "pouring a 24 oz. PBR on her chest while wearing a wifebeater," and the ultimate winner, Kat Fiasco, explained that her dream/goal is "to rid the world of pubes."

Perhaps she's explaining that goal in this photo?

So, what are we wating on, Larryville hipster bars? Let's have ourselves a Miss Replay, and soon.

Check out the full Pitch article here: http://blogs.pitch.com/wayward/2010/08/crowned_miss_riot_room_2010.php


Our twitter-buddies down at the Sandbar are currently engaged in a video competition in which one of nine local submissions will be chosen for inclusion in the bar's next "Hurricane" video. So if you occasionally find yourself at the Sandbar during their legendary "Hurricanes," (we're looking at you, Cl.thier), you owe it to yourself to vote. The videos are short (around ten seconds each), and they are all spectacularly awful (can you at least not giggle for ten seconds?), and none of them feature naked or even nearly naked women, but we're voting for "Don't Pick Up Guys During a Hurricane" because we like the way the girl says "cutie."

Go here to vote:



If you're any kind of pop-culture geek, you know that Tuesdays are the day when new DVD's, CD's, and books are released. In this new column, we hope to spotlight a few new releases that might otherwise fly under your radar.

This week's choice: Vintage Lesbian Erotica.

Chip: "Does anyone know the name of that technique they are performing on the cover, or if it is still a commonly used lesbian technique?"

Richard: "I'm not sure, Chip. I went to see The Kids Are All Right recently to try to familiarize myself with lesbians a bit more, but all I really learned was that lesbians love gay male porn and many of them will jump at an easy chance to sleep with a guy."


Debbi said...

Thanks for including the Sandbar as a twitter buddy! And for the video contest mention.

You should have made your own spectacularly awful video to enter in our contest. It would have surely upped our level of hipness. Though it might have lowered you to our level of cheesiness.

the future of the LC said...

Hi Debbi. Yeah, we haven't ventured into the world of making/uploading videos yet, but we hope to get to that point soon (live Chronicling from local bars!).

@BARRR said...

wow....The Kids Are Alright is made for progressive types that yearn for an indie blockbuster...total bullshit. I guarantee this film sucks ass.