Friday, August 27, 2010

Final Fridays! / Larryville's Missed Connections: Stripper Edition

Readers, the time is fast approaching to get your art on! Here's a quick sample of the sights you may see this evening. Yes, it's Wayne Propst holding one of his babydollheads.

Chip: "I'm 100% terrified."

Remember that venues will signal their participation in Final Fridays by posting bright yellow flags out front, signalling you to step inside and dig their art (Chip: "Or to steer clear, as the case may be."


It's been awhile since we checked in with the "missed connections" sections of Larryville's Craigslist. Here's one from a 27 year old fellow infatuated with a stripper from All Stars:

"you gave me some fun fun lap dances last night. Asked me if i would like to finish, but i told you it would take a while. I bet you hear that boast all the time, but for once i can back it up. Would be great to hear from you. if not, it was a fun night. also, loved how the pasties fell off."

Richard: "I've never had a stripper ask me that, but maybe it's because I treat lapdances like an all-you-can-eat buffet, moving on after each dance to sample the wares of the next dancer?"

Chip: "I've never had a stripper ask me that either, but maybe it's because I always ejaculate during the first dance?"

We hope Anna Undercover drops by to share her thoughts on this subject.

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