Sunday, August 8, 2010

Local Crime of the Week / Art Pick: "Work of Art" Finale / The LC Plugs a New Local Website

No major stabbings or shootings seem to have occurred this weekend in Larryville (rare), but the LJ-World did report this incident from the Eastside on Saturday:

"The man was reportedly threatening another individual while carrying a knife in his mouth."

This fellow has got a lot to learn about stabbing if he wants to compete with the city's motley crew of stabby, heat-crazed hobos. Also, can one speak clearly enough to make threats while carrying a knife in one's mouth, or were the threats implied by the very presence of a knife in one's mouth? The article seems unclear.


If you love the regional art scene, you damn well better be supporting KC artist Peregrine Honig, who has now made it to the finale of Bravo's reality-series "Work of Art" (which airs this Wednesday). Here's a summary (from InkKC) of the piece which kept Peregrine in the competition last week:

"Her final challenge piece was a nature-inspired sculpture that was half-woman, half-tree, with painted images of people having sex in public parks strung from the branches. The judges criticized the piece, saying it wasn't cohesive enough, but were impressed by the meaning Peregrine attached to it. She explained that when she was growing up in San Francisco, she saw public parks as a place where homeless people went to have sex."

Chip: "Oh, so the people having sex in parks symbolize...people having sex in parks. Perhaps I am capable of understanding art after all."

Richard: "My top two favorite moments from Work of Art have been when the OCD artist ejaculated on his own painting (artistically) and when the OCD artist convinced the hottest of the lady artists to do a portrait of herself masturbating. The show works as both a sophisticated inquiry into artistic philosophy and technique AND as a boner-inducing piece of popular entertainment. Good luck to Peregrine this week!"


Our local Twitter-buddy @theRaymondMunoz has started a new website that might just appeal to some of our readership. It's called Geekbauchery, "a place where geeks of all sorts can unite and enjoy both the geeky and the sexy." The site contains a blog, a forum for sexy/geeky discussion, videos, video game info, and weekly pin-ups of a "hot geek babe or hunk" which are hidden using QR code technology so geeky that we can't even figure out how to see them!

Check out the site here:


Geekbauchery said...

W00t! Thanks for the plug! :D

sexy geeks said...

No problem. Perhaps some of our readers will stop by to visit and anonymously critique you (oh, they love that!).

I may be anonymous said...

But I'm not overly critical. The QR code pinup is sweet!

And another thing said...

"Work of Art" produces masturbatrix pictures? Why wasn't I told about this before?

beth said...

I love Work of Art.

OCD guy may be playing a character, and he may be kind of an asshole, but I want him to win.

double rainbow all the way! said...

We're pretty sure OCD guy is going to win, but we're backing Peregrine and her My Little Pony/syringe pieces till the bitter end!

Yes, there was a masturbation self-portrait, but can't find it online, sadly.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck?

Someone else is jacking off and calling it art? Didn't I just send you that fucking simulation this afternoon, Richard?

Who's jimmying in on my Jammie Jam!?

Magnificent fuck better have a good spray!

--Mine is epic: I can blind a yak from twenty paces!

bob loblaw said...

An LJW article is unclear? Shocking.

@BARRR said...

I wish my cable hadn't been shut off along with my internet during this stupid art show...I guess I'll just have to apply to the next guarantee I'll never have success in the art world...lolololol