Thursday, August 5, 2010

Style Scout, Then and Now / The Boys Experiment with I-Dosing!

Remember the days when the goal of Larryville's "Style Scout" was to actually "scout" people who had some discernible sense of style? Our twitter-buddy, @faintlyamused, is currently recalling some of the glory days of her Scouting experiences on her Tumblr site, including the wonderfully stylish dude pictured below, from 2008, who she says was wearing "sock garters to hold his socks up." Scenesters, if you know this dude, please get in touch with us, because we want to party with him!

Visit the site of @faintlyamused here:

Today's Style Scout, on the other hand, often treats us to photos of someone like today's Garrett McGraw, who claims the fashion blog The Sartorialist as a major influence but doesn't seem to have learned much from it. Garrett's least favorite fashion trend is "Men wearing skirts. It’s just not right!"

A chorus of outraged Larryville liberals: "Go back to Southeast Kansas, homophobe!"


Just when you thought nothing was more dangerous to today's youth than synthetic-weed (K-2!), today's LJ-World reprints a piece from the Washington Post warning us of the shocking trend of I-dosing: listening to "bi-naural beats" through headphones to simulate various experiences, everything from hallucinogenic and recreational drugs to sexual enhancement.

We're currently on the I-Doser website downloading something called Excite:

"Designed to be used just prior to sexual activity, or to put you in a sexual brain-state, it takes you through several levels of brain activity to leave you fully charged, ready, and "able." Starting from your normal state, it eases you from slight euphoria into somatic responses, tingling, heat and then melts away anxiety to leave you in the Venus state of love, sexuality, sensuality, and harmony. You WILL be ready."

Chip: "I'm ready just reading about it!"

Richard: "Sounds good, but won't a few Al Green or Barry White songs work just the same way?"

Visit I-Doser here before the government takes it away from you:


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I-dosed on Excite! said...

And they are cheaper than K-2 synthetic weed!

artistic suggestion said...

I envision I-dose as a future Anson the Ornery project, in which we all wear headphones and groove out together. It would almost certainly work better than that "I see colors!" machine!

@BARRR said...

Digital Drugs...I'm skeptical...but here's a Rapid Share link to the "Digital Drug cds in 4 parts" just scroll down till you see the red download Johnny Mneumonic!

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