Monday, August 16, 2010

Hipster Pick of the Day: The Goondas / Ridiculous Sandwich of the Week

If you're a local hipster, you've no doubt already RSVP'd for October's Scion Garage Fest (likely to be the hippest event of the fall), but maybe you're needing a dose of sleazy garage rock to tide you over in the meantime. Perhaps you should consider Minneapolis rockers The Goondas, tonight at the Replay.

"The group make reckless, deranged cow-punk with snarling, Don Van Vliet like vocals bringing it all together." (

Richard: "This reviewer is so hip he has to use Don Van Vliet instead of Captain Beefheart."

The cover of the Goondas' album is suitably scuzzy, if not aesthetically pleasing, and we're big fans of the single "Jackalope Jesus." Watch the video here:


The boys are connoisseurs of preposterous sandwiches, and here's our pick of the week: Denny's Fried Cheese Melt, which embeds several fried mozzarrella sticks inside the American cheese of the sandwich. It's not quite as outrageous as KFC's Double-Down, to be sure, but it's damn delicious nonetheless. Too bad Larryville doesn't have a Denny's.


taxidermist! said...

Thumbs up to the drummer in the Goondas!

boss said...

And this link caught my eye. Epic.

sex bob-omb said...

Great link, boss. Probably about as accurate as it gets.