Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dispatches from Final Fridays

In terms of art sales, we're not sure how successful Final Fridays may have been. But in terms of getting people to show up and pretend to care about art, the first installment of Larryville's art walk could hardly have gone more swimmingly.

Here are our highlights (and lowlights):

1) Love Garden: All you managed to do was hang a few quilts? Are you trying to attract hipster grandmothers? Inside the store, half a dozen lonely hipsters rifled listlessly through the vinyl, seemingly oblivious to the evening's art festivities. Why not have a band playing, at least? Grade: zero out of four Hamm's.

2) Wonder Fair: Although Sighn's (rather mundane) street slogans haven't changed our worldview (yet), Wonder Fair fully earned its scenester stripes with a great atmosphere of live music, if we're defining music rather loosely, and plenty of PBR. BARRR exclaimed that Final Fridays was "the best thing that's ever happened to us," but we think he must have been forgetting the time Anson the Ornery played a machine that allowed us to taste the color green. Grade: Four out of four PBR's.

3) Hobbs Lofts: The vast interior of the Hobbs Lofts offered a great space for an exhibition of "found" art (look, it's a tricycle!) and odd sculptures. There was plenty of room for people to drink keg beer while roaming around and talking about what a great "space" this was. The only better use we can think of for this space would be for people to actually live in Hobbs Lofts. Grade: three out of four beers in Dixie cups.

4) Lawrence Arts Center:
--Chip: "I liked the photographs of demolition derbies and the picture of Chuck Norris accompanied by hilarious sayings about Chuck Norris.

--Richard: "I liked the fliers from Split Lip Rayfield shows."

Grade: Two out of four glasses of cheap Merlot.

5) Percolator: surprisingly dull. We remember when things used to be weirder, a little weirder, out there. But at least Boog was hanging out. Two out of four tiny cups of popcorn.

6) The Pig:
--King Tosser: "These babydollheads are too small to be interesting."
--Richard: "Once you've seen one mutilated babydollhead, you've really sort of seen them all."

Grade: two out of four cucumber-infused gin-and-tonics.

See you downtown next month.


@BARRR said...

Final Fridays was epic to say the least...with a goddamn bang!

foriato said...

FF needed to last later into the night.

And sorry to say, but I just can't get into the new Love Garden since it's moved. The staff's indifference is just annoying and it still doesn't look like they've moved in fully. Isn't the space smaller? What's taking them so long?

the staff said...

Love Garden is too hip to follow us on Twitter, so we will continue to grade them harshly. But those quilts WERE boring. And, yeah, the old magic of LG (which felt like one was ascending a staircase into hipster heaven) has largely been lost at the new location.

pendelum said...

Yeah. And I'm sure their attitudes are the results of thinking they're hot shit for working at a record store, which I admit is maybe cool until you're like 24, at which point I just laugh at you because you're still working some part-time job that requires no skills and pays you $8 an hour. #harshbuttrue