Sunday, September 26, 2010

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If you're anything like the boys, there's nothing you love more than cooking complex and exotic dishes (Chip: "Wait, that doesn't sound right. I've never cooked anything more exotic than a baked potato."). So you'll want to place your orders soon for Modernist Cuisine, a 6 volume series by Nathan Myhrvold, clocking in at 2,400-pages and $625 bucks. The work features recipes such as the "30 Hour Cheeseburger":

"The cheeseburger, for instance, requires the meat to be cooked sous vide for several hours. Freezing with liquid nitrogen ensures that the crust will stay crispy while the center stays perfectly medium rare once it is deep fried. The heirloom tomato is vacuum compressed. The cheese must be melted first, then restructured. The bun is made from scratch and toasted in beef suet. The crimini mushroom ketchup includes honey, horseradish, fish sauce, ginger and allspice."

Myhrvold acknowledges that "not everybody will make their burger this way every day," and we assume he's right, especially since the fucking thing takes TWO days to make.

Richard: "If Krause doesn't have this burger on his menu soon, I'll be very disappointed."

Full article here:


We didn't attend the Matt and Kim show at the Granada the other night, because we're frankly a little burnt out on Brooklyn bands, but judging from Elke Mermis's Pitch review, we missed a good time:

"The duo emerged to a chunky, cataclysmically loud refrain of "Where Brooklyn At," hopping on their instrument sets and saluting the crowd with goofy grins. The crowd -- already drenched in sweat in the humid Granada -- began crowd surfing during the band's very first number."

Do scenesters crowd surf?

"...the Granada recreated the ecstatic, smelly intimacy of a D.I.Y. show pretty effectively."

We've been to a lot of packed shows, and "smelly intimacy" is indeed an apt phrase. (Chip: "In other words, hipsters stink.").

"Matt and Kim ripped into the song, soliciting the da-da-da-da's from the crowd in an ethereal, ecstatic moment of communal exchange. "Fuck yeah," Kim said, standing on top of her drum set, with her drum stick thrust in the air."

Readers, we love it when local scenesters put aside their petty differences and in a hippie-style love-fest. (but let us end with a petty point: this reviewer overuses the word "ecstatic.").


Here's what you're likely to see this week on the LC:

1) Boner jokes

2) The boys embrace their new duties as local music promoters (bestowed on them via @BARRR and some dude from New York) and do our damnedest to try to get you to cross into North Larry on Friday night to see a New Orleans band called Hurray for the Riff Raff.

3) The LC begins in-depth coverage of next Saturday's Scion Garage Fest. Do you have your armband stored in a safe location and occasionally look at it longingly, just waiting for the Vigilantes to kick off the fest in fine fashion? We do.


@BARRR said...

I haven't listened to the Hurray for the Riff Raff track as of yet....but I was sent this promotor from Lawrence Ex-Pat Sam Hopkins aka DJ I assumed they must be alright....

a discerning listener said...

They sound pretty nice. But not exactly the kind of nice that attracts Larryville hipsters. We must work hard to lure hipsters across the river, perhaps by leaving a trail of PBR's along the way.