Thursday, September 23, 2010

The LC Pimps a Local Music Blog and Seeks Freelance Columnists to Cover Local Music

We'd like to write about today's Style Scout, which profiles a couple of your favorite Pig bartenders, but can't be bothered to get it up on their website, so we'll do other things instead.

But first let's take another potshot at

Do you ever find yourself clicking on the site out of some misguided hope that they might, just might, review an important show that occurred the previous night at the Replay or Jackpot or Tap, only to find yourself reading another piece with a title like "Make dinner center of your Family Day" or looking at "Party Pics" from an event that occurred a month ago? Well, we do. So we'll direct you instead to a blog from our Twitter-buddy Abner the Owl (, if you want to follow her), who attends more shows per week than we sometimes do in a year. Please visit her blog, Balanced For Broadcast (and we'll post a direct link in the sidebar):

Her new piece takes Larryville hipsters to task for skipping this past Tuesday's Unwed Sailor gig at the Jackpot:

"there is a fine line between not wanting your nearest and dearest band to go big time or 'sellout' but its even more heart breaking when you see all this talent and passion a group of musicians have just squandered on an empty room. for a total of seven dollars last night i saw that happen twice. where was everyone on tuesday? watching glee? you should have been at the jackpot around 10:30 for unwed sailor. i guess its ok if you didn't know about it. the jackpot didn't even know the show was happening until monday. people were there earlier for a band called sea farer which is good if you like a sub-par fleet foxes/shearwater type act. all those college-type kids left though and maybe 10 people heard the immense wall of sound that was unwed sailor. four dudes, no vocals, its the kind of music where "crushing guitars" might be an appropriate thing to say? check out "aurora" from 2008's little wars. it was the last and best song of the set."

Chip: "Yes, I was watching Glee."

Richard: "I remain disturbed by several recent reports that Jackpot shows are increasingly full of 'college-type kids.' Maybe that's why true hipsters are staying away? Reclaim your bars, hipsters! And go see shows!"

Also, we'll be partnering with Balanced For Broadcast (and possibly boozing with Abner her own self) next week to bring you extensive coverage of the Scion Garage Fest (surely the hippest event this year in Larryville).

However, the sad truth is that Richard and Chip are too old and boring to attend most late-night hipsters show as they once did. So we're extending an offer to any of you younger, hipper hipsters out there with journalistic leanings to send us your brief reviews of local shows to be printed on the LC. We can't pay you, aside from a PBR or two, but you'll receive the honor of having your work read by, oh, maybe six or so people, half of whom will make shitty anonymous comments about it. Let us know in the comments or via direct message at Twitter if interested and we can send you further "deets" at that time:

And make sure your work is at least mildly amusing (hint: a good boner joke always gets our attention).


@BARRR said...

Welll....I like Unwed Sailor...but I liked em a lot more when they were playing the same instrumental rock 10YEARS ago......pretty sure they have the local connection here with John Momberg and a few others....which is why I'm not so rushed to run out and see them...again.

Anonymous said...

Shitty anonymous comments? Nice. 'Bout type I caught some much-deserved wreck for my comments. Bitch.

Porky said...

Better anonymous than some fucking "gentle reader"

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked and in awe at the poor grammar in these anonymous comments! If you're gonna be a good misogynist, for example, type with the celerity of a porn star but the clarity of a cock jockey.

I mean, Cripes: just because one can hide anonymously behind these keys and dials and tubes and shit doesn't mean one can't hit the fucking spell check.

--And yer all bitches to me; bitches and shebitches alike.