Sunday, September 19, 2010

Larryville's Missed Connections / Stoner Pick of the Week / Teaser Trailer

It's going to be hard to top the last "Missed Connection" we showcased (about the handjob in the lake). This one, titled "Short Loud Redhead at 17th & Kentucky St," doesn't top it, but it does make us laugh:

"Saw you and it made me think of home. You were trying to order Pyramid Pizza but couldn't stop laughing. Bananas was all over you and we had porch beers. Would give anything to do it again. Could you learn to love me?"

Chip: "I wonder why she was covered in bananas?"


If you live in California, you almost certainly have a prescription for medical marijuana. And now you can use that prescription to purchase delicious half-pints of "weed infused ice cream" from Creme De Canna, with flavors such as "Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and TRIPle Chocolate Brownie" (interweb).

WHY can't Larryville get back in touch with its hippie roots? We can't even smoke K2 around here!


Coming soon to the LC:

Extensive coverage of Larryville's second Final Fridays art walk! Who will win the LC's prize for weirdest art? And whose "art" will be deemed "not art?"

A look at the Pixies weekend concert in KC (Yes, they really played Doolittle all the way through!).

More favorite lines from our Franzen readings, such as the moment when Walter Berglund recounts his first time masturbating (Oprah: "That moment is the true climax of the novel, if you catch my meaning!").

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