Thursday, September 2, 2010

Checking in With Style Scout / Dinosaur Hipster Photos! has given us two consecutive weeks of interesting Style Scouts. Maybe the long local nightmare of unstylish Scouts is officially over!

This week's first subject, Carolina Mariana Rodriguez, is a follower of ours on Twitter, as well as a "lady friend" of one of the (Pitch-Music-Award winning) Noise FM boys, who also follow us and who tweeted us to kindly request that we not be too impolite. No reason to worry, gents! We find Carolina's "conservative/erotic" look to be quite stylish! And she's currently inspiring a spirited talkback on Pondmonkey writes: "whoa. this chick is smokin' why don't we see more girls like this in Lawrence?"

Today's second subject, Rexy, is quirkier. We've always been fascinated by anyone who identifies by only one name (McG, Banksy, Prince, Chip), and this fellow is no exception. Rexy describes his style as one of "effeminate machismo," influenced by "Bruce Lee’s off-set style, Paul Lynde’s summer scarves and Adam Ant’s Native American/pirate vibe. And rodeo clowns—for their tough attitudes, star-emblems and handkerchiefs." Rexy would like to see more "drag queens, bloomers and burlesque" in Lawrence and fewer "gaggles of squawking co-eds" His "secret" is: "I’m heterosexual." We're not sure we buy the bit about the secret, but we'd totally like to hang out with this dude and discuss rodeo clowns.


There's always something on the interweb to make us giggle. Normally it's a video of a cat doing something hilarious, like riding around the house on the back of a turtle (Chip: "OMG!"). Today, however, it's a series of "dinosaur hipster" pictures we discovered via the Twitter account of one Molly23, from Tehran. Follow her here:

Richard: "Fuck off, dinosaur! Everything Wilco does is solid gold."

And then there's the Tommy Wiseau-inspired "Wiseausaurus":

Chip: "I'd probably be laughing...if I knew who Tommy Wiseau was."


roger ebert said...

Chip - I checked out this Wiseau character on wikipedia...don't bother. He's famous for making a horrible film. You're camera phone videos of Q's waitresses are most likely infinitely more compelling.

grammar rastafarian said...

Ebert can't spell. "Your"