Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Boys Say Goodbye to Big Lew! / A Visit to Larryville's "Missed Connections" / Important Hipster Show on The Horizon

We'd be remiss not to reflect for a bit on Larryville's current top story: the abrupt depature of AD Lew Perkins (well in advance of the originally announced retirement date). Is he jumping ship in advance of being further implicated in the recent ticket scandals? Or did he simply witness the embarrassing display by Gill's Praying Jayhawks on Saturday and think to himself, Why bother anymore? We don't know yet. But what do the on-line talkbackers think?

ralphralph likens Lew's departure to other local scandals:

Lew is to KU Sports
Wittig is to Westar.

Loot and Scoot.

KansasTwister says: "i hope Lew takes Terry Allen (oops Turner Gill) with him."

And oz9999 adds: "breaking news! Mark Mangino Dies - of laughter!"

Let's take one final look at the big dog before we turn our attention away from sports and back to our usual concerns (hipsters, boners, etc). Doesn't Lew look sweet and guileless here?


Sadly, Craigslist closed down its "adult services" section last weekend, adding a "censored" message where the former listings used to be and leaving the boys wondering how in hell they're supposed to get laid now?

But perhaps this just means the sexier stuff will find its way into the "missed connections" section. Here's a good (and odd) one titled "Dallas from Perry Lake - m4w - 27 (Lawrence):

"I met you at party cove at Perry Lake on Sunday. You were wearing my daughters t-shirt and the bongo shorts half pulled down. I wanted to cum on your tramp stamp but you gave me the hand job in the lake. I thought your WT style was hot. Maybe some time we can meet up at your trailer. Call me...Mike"

Good luck, Mike. She certainly sounds like a keeper!


We make it our duty to pay special attention to any Brooklyn bands that pass through Larryville, because we know that their geographical location alone makes them hip. On the horizon is a band called We Are Country Mice (Sept. 17 at Replay).

Pitchfork says:

"They're not lo-fi and there's a healthy dose of country thrown into their distorted, anthemic attack. Singer-guitarist Jason Rueger has a high-pitched snarl and a penchant for breaking up his band's Crazy Horse-style songs with bouts of distortion. In Wilco terms, We Are Country Mice make music that sounds like Being There mashed up with a little Yankee Hotel Foxtrot."

Richard: "Sold. I wish Pitchfork described every band using this Wilco-scale, so that I'd actually be able to understand what the hell the reviewers are talking about."

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