Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Half of Drakkar Sauna Gets Scouted! / Larryville Is the #9 Best College Community in the Nation!

Readers, you honestly didn't have a single comment about yesterday's "handjob in the lake" Missed Connection from Craigslist? We give you so much, for so little in return. Oh well. Let's move on to today's consideration of Style Scout.

We thought a guy who sings songs with titles like "Very Much Alone (Pt. 1: O, Fuck, I'm Fucked. Fuck.)" would be a little quirker when interviewed by the Style Scout, but he's actually a bit disappointing aside from his fashion influences: "Brendan Hangauer and Big Bird."

Chip: "Who's Brendan Hangauer?"

Richard: "Do you not shop at Jensen's?"

We like his hat, which he says he found at the Replay Lounge (yes, you may also know him as your bartender: the man can open a PBR can like none other). Click to enlarge. If the hat happens to be yours, go reclaim it.

More interesting is Jane Leek, 27, a "leather smith" who favors "Petticoats, handmade leather accessories, patterns, boots, mohawks, jumpsuits, layers and big buttons." She also favors Budweiser shorts, apparently. She also claims she can "see auras" and is often told she looks like Shelly Duvall as Olive Oil. Click to enlarge and check out those shorts.


Not only does Larryville have the 31st and 41st best college bars in the country, it's also been voted #9 on a list of "Best College Communities" compiled by the American Institute for Economic Research.

Talkbackers have decided this is a good opportunity to bash Colombia, MO, which isn't on the list.

Ronwell_Dobbs writes: "Not seeing Columbia MO up there... Perhaps they took into account your tendency to kill your neighbors in the next State and your hopped-up klan membership. Oh yeah, and your sister-love."

Some think Ronwell-Dobbs is Chip's on-line alter ego.


a gentle reader said...

I have nothing to say about any of this...but want you to know someone is reading.

And a request - can't we have more suggestions of videos with cute animals? I need a antidote to things like references to hand jobs....

kitten party holiday! said...

Kitten Party Holiday will be released on DVD next week! So adorable you will literally explode:

lil swimmers said...

Millions of us swim in Perry lake. you're disgusting.

Periodic Visitor said...

You can't assume that people aren't reading just because a post doesn't get comments. Some of us only make it by every few days, read everything we've missed, and make comments several days later (that sadly go unanswered!)

Still, if you ever need reassurance about your readership, check the stats Google provides on your visitorship. You'll probably see you get many visits from places you've never heard of to posts you thought nobody cared about.

And a real keeper would've let him come on the tramp stamp after a three-hole bone-a-thon on the muddy bank.

A gentle handjob said...

A gentle reader smells an overworked clit. An antidote is not what you need, but a dictionary search of the word 'satire' might help.

Nice irony, lil swimmers. I ritually let mine loose in Perry. Glad to see some of my boys have hit their marks!

an overworked clit said...

Actually, we didn't even know how to check Google stats until recently. But we still like to chide our viewers into commenting on occasion. Handjob stories always deserve commentary...and applause!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo tired of people talking about how Lawrence has a couple of the best bars in the country. Everyone obsessing over it is probably 1) barely 21 and restricts their partying to the 13th and Ohio locale or 2) a douchebag who has never been to the Replay and will start going to the Replay just because they read it was cool, ruining it for the rest of us!

petticoat junction! said...

Jane prefers ill-fitting clothing that sits awkwardly on her. But the real questions are whether she was at Perry Lake (notice the bikini peeking out from under the hurriedly put-on tank top) and whether she has a tramp stamp. Perhaps that's someone's daughter's tank top!