Monday, September 13, 2010

Recent Concert Reviews: Pavement! / Plus: Local Music News of the Week

No, we didn't go to KC to see Pavement over the weekend. Our hipness demands nothing but brief allegiance to new bands, which we support for one album and one album only. We can't afford to traffic in (high-priced) hipster nostalgia. But luckily Nick Spacek has us covered. His review in the Pitch makes no bones about it. The show was fucking outstanding:

"The show was amazing, fantastic, awesome and (might we go this far?) transcendent."

Richard: "You had me convinced until 'transcendent.' Surely they haven't been transcendent since Slanted." (notice how Richard shortens the album title here, hiply).

But did they play everything that fans wanted to hear? With the exception of "Summer Babe," apparently they did:

"Cut Your Hair," which had the potential to be nothing more than an audience sing-along, was instead played at one-and-a-half speed, taking the piss out of a song that was pretty much required playing."

Chip: "I demand that bands play songs EXACTLY as they were recorded. They owe me that much at least."

But we're guessing that the fans sung along anyway.

The review at Back to Rockville offer this nice picture of the setlist. But since when is the song called "Shandy Lane?"


One of our astute (if frustratingly anonymous) readers wrote to us today lamenting the fact that we are forced to turn to the Pitch these days to discover important news from the Larryville music scene. We certainly agree and, like you all, we think that the current sucks, hard (aside from the delicious recipes!). Anyway, the big story out of the Larryville scene this week is the addition of a new member to the Cowboy Indian Bear line-up: Katlyn Conroy.

Chip: "Will this require a name change? I recommend Cowboy Indian Bear Princess."

You should check out their new video for "Saline," in which these wholesome young gents attend a county fair:

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Anonymous said...

Why don't they elect for Manbearpig, after the infamous creature that has haunted Al Gore for so long?