Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hipster Pink of the Day: Ariel Pink at Jackpot / Plus: Classic Latin American Erotica!

Today's hipster pick is obviously a no-brainer. But it's been a few months since Pitchfork and the blogosphere deemed the new record by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti to be "important" (you'll recall that we covered it here in June), so will the Larryville hipster contingent show up en masse to a rare Jackpot early show? And what will they witness if they do? While the new album may reflect a more polished sound, we predict the live show will still sound like cats fucking during a shipwreck ("The set began with a roughly five-minute-long freak out piece that owed more to Tangerine Dream, with a commanding, throbbing bass than, say, Pink Floyd." --interweb). Opening is Larryville's Chick Fights ("All songs were written recorded on a fostex 4 track") and Karma Vision (whose song "Fuzzle Muzzle" we find quite pleasant but whose Youtube videos make us want to punch them: ).

See you at the show. Or maybe not.


Occasionally we like to showcase new DVD releases that might appeal to our geeky/horny readers. Here's one we discovered via Knowles' infrequent DVD column on AICN: it's from the "Classic Latin America Erotica Collection" and it's called Porno (but it's not a hardcore porn flick, so relax, uptight readers). Here's the AICN synopsis in full:

"This Portuguese language sexual oddity is really fucking bizarre. There’s Lesbian Erotica set to Jerry Goldsmith’s STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE Ilia & Decker theme. There’s a scene where a guy gives a girl a big, live, creepy looking Grasshopper to masturbate with… she allows the grasshopper to stroke her clit, and she acts like (or really is) brought to orgasmic bliss by the grasshopper. She dismisses her lover, and puts the bug back to work as the soundtrack belts out “BORN FREE!” There is shit in this movie that you can never unsee. I’m serious. But you’re likely to laugh like a hyena throughout! Not really hardcore, but disturbingly hot – especially when they use the Goldsmith music for Lesbianism. That’s just somehow perfect."

Richard: "I plan to host a screening of this, and soon. I hope you come."

Chip: "Was that last statement a sexual innuendo?"

Our feminist readers: "I think it's safe to say that most women have masturbated with a grasshopper before. It's perfectly normal human behavior being fetishized here for the male gaze. But we certainly approve of the rejection of the standard phallus in favor of this linkage between woman and nature. If we watched porn, we'd watch this one."

And if, like us, you are intrigued by the very idea of the "Classic Latin American Erotica Series," you might want to know that the goal of the series is to showcase the “Pornochanchada” movement, an important "offshoot of erotic film rarely seen in North America until now...[which] was very popular in South America from 1977-1985" (interweb).

Also, "Pornochanchada" is the LC's word of the day. If you work it into a conversation tonight at the Ariel Pink show, we'll buy you a beer.


Also, no Style Scout coverage today, because it's once again boring as hell.


Hope Head said...

That shit is just called "old school critter clitter" on the East side. We really think you should spend the night sometime.

You missed the Hope Chest in style scout, Richard. The man says he'd like to see more "Hope" in Lawrence. The lady's name is Hope.

Chip: I totally get this. We'd all like to see more of Hope!

a critic said...

Why can't your blog be more like this one?

100% adorable! said...

We'd certainly have more followers if we showcased adorable puppy pictures! And we're certainly fans of their work over at The Daily Corgi. But our focus remains squarely on hipsters and titties.

And thanks to Hope Head for writing today's Style Scout commentary! Awesome.

Capt Chanute II said...

Chip's relative position among Pornochanchada enthusiasts is akin to Charlie Chaplin's role in American comedy: legendary. Yet depressing, as every woman who has ever slept with him climaxed not from coitus but from laughter. Tragic.

I'll have my beer now.
All hail the return of the Captain!

Off the menu said...

I always get the Pornochanchada at La Parrilla. Franks and clams, sort of a surf & turf combo. Ask for it special--you won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

When did the bitches become a Greek fucking Chorus?

Quiet, bitches. Get back to shaking that ass.

--I'll see you at the Cave.