Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The LC Celebrates Banned Book Week, Checks in With the City Fathers, and Looks Ahead to GarageFest

It's Banned Books Week, and Chip lobbied hard for us to publish a photo of him rubbing one out while reading Ulysses. Lucky for you all, the photo was deemed more disturbing than inspiring, so we direct you instead to the Lawrence Public Library Facebook page, which features a series of photos of local librarians posing with banned books:


It's a nice touch from the LPL, though we'd personally prefer more pictures of very sexy librarians. You know, the mousy-bookworm-by-day / nubile-sex-kitten-by-night type.


If it's Tuesday, it's time for a City Commission meeting, and you progressive types will certainly want to show up tonight and shout loudly in opposition to the newest "big box" store, Lowe's, soon to appear in West Larryville along 6th Street. According to today's LJ-World, at least one of the city fathers is slated to object to the proposed location near Free State High School, claiming that it will mar "the look and feel" of the area. True, we don't want to block anyone's view of the new Smashburger and Taco Bell, but just think what a delightful evening one could have in a few years once the new Lowe's and the newly-located Lawrence Community Theater are in the area.

Chip: "My recipe for a perfect evening: purchasing some lumber, eating a Smashburger, and taking in a performance of Nunsense."


Just how hip is this Saturday's GarageFest? It's so hip that Pitchfork's beloved Best Coast is relegated to an early evening slot (7:15 to 8:00 at Liberty Hall), leaving the evening free for lesser-known but even hipper acts.

Perhaps realizing that there's no way in hell that lazy hipsters are going to pack Liberty Hall (not to mention three other venues) at 4:00 in the afternoon for the Vigilantes kick-off set, the promoters have once again (according to a Tweet we spotted yesterday) started offering free tickets via this website:


So snag them now, hipsters, if you haven't already, and begin plotting your course for the evening.

We'll be offering you a few tips here on some of the major acts.

Today's pick: The Gories. There's nothing that scenesters love more than when an obscure band reunites, giving them an opportunity to pretend they loved the band from the very beginning. Expect the buzz and the crowd to be intense for the Gories 10:00 headlining set at the Jackpot.

Here's their bio from their Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/therealgories :

"Formed in January of 1986 over a six pack of Budweiser and "Scum of the Earth" on the record player. Played dives around Detroit for six and a half years with a couple of trips to New York City and Chicago. Released three LPs and a handful of singles. Toured Europe in the Spring of '92. Broke up."

We don't know about you, but we plan to bone up on their back catalogue and use that musical knowledge to get ourselves nice and laid.


LC fan! said...

This recent turn towards the political was completely unexpected of you, Nog, but yet so refreshing. Is there really any more need to turn towards the LJWorld (or Lawrence.com) for information?

Well, I guess I should if I just can't figure out what board game to play with my family and need a list of obscure, but fun, games, like Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, and Yahtzee. I just can't get enough of GO! Magazine

local politics and boners said...

How refreshing to read a comment that doesn't tell us we suck!

Yes, Go! Magazine remains THE place to go for tips on how to eat a cantaloupe.

Rather be in Lawrence... said...

I am honestly offended that one has to give our free tickets to the best music event in fuckin years in Larryville. Id pay the bands to NOT see them and just be able to claim I was an auxiliary member. Jesus, Lawrence, get off your asses.

Anonymous said...

I miss the feminist choir as I hunger for pussy.

Johnson said...

I feel like I'm getting enough pussy by reading the comments.