Friday, September 24, 2010

The LC Continues to Evolve / Final Fridays / Style Scout Showcases the Pig!

Readers, in another sure sign that is going straight down the shitter, music promoters (from New York, no less) are now getting in touch with the LC to promote upcoming local shows by their clients. We're happy to help, of course, as long as there's something in it for us, so we requested that the promoter send down some lovely lady hipsters from New York who will enlighten us regarding current Williamsburg hipster trends and then possibly have sex with us. So tune in all next week as we promote an October 1 gig at the Gaslight Tavern by a New Orleans band called Hurray for the Riff Raff. They're a three piece folk/blues/indie-rock band and, from what we've heard so far, they sound quiet nice. So maybe you Replay-loving hipsters might consider walking your hip asses across the bridge to North Larryville for the show. It's fairly unlikely you'll be stabbed if you cross back over to civilization by 2:00 a.m or so. We'll post a link to one of their tunes in the sidebar for you.

And we'll see you tonight at Final Fridays! Our first stop: 739 Mass, where our Twitter buddies in the Fresh Produce Art Collective are presenting something called "Love in the time of Beer Bellies...a Mass. St. romance." It sounds like the story of our own lives!


This week's Style Scout offers some useful insights into the people who pour our fancy infused-cocktails at the Pig. First up, Katy Wade, who says that jeggings "have changed my pants-wearing life!" (Chip: "Mine too."). Katy thinks that "girls who can't walk in their shoes...look like camels" and she dislikes rompers. She'd like to see more tortillarias in Larryville "because we don’t have a single one" and she'd like to see less people playing djembes on their porches.

Next is Adam Smith. He'd like to see fewer "crusties, out-of-town business on Mass., stabbings and “Jersey Shore" in Larryville, and he describes his fashion influences as "Dustin Kensey, because he is super-stylish; Gene Wilder because I kind of look like him in a weird way; and Lionel Richie." (Richard: "I love when people cite well-known local hipsters such as Dustin Kinsey as their fashion influences!"). Adam says that People tell him he looks like Blanche Dubois. And he's wearing a Lord of the Rings belt buckle.

Readers, check them out, and say hello when you see them tonight at the Pig.


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Anonymous said...


If you don't like the fucking material, then take off the goddamn jacket. Hit the bricks, Mr. Fucko! Positivity and shitting on hipsters holds the day here.

Don't like it? We'll rearrange your fucking snake with a tube sock a fucking ball peen hammer!


Chip said...

Aneurysmal discourse again. We "positively" love it, but don't shit a brick, you might hit a hick.

accentuate the positive said...

Yes, go sleep somewhere else, hipsters, because we're here to passionately pretend that we love local bands and art (some of which we honestly do love, but it's a bit hard to tell, sometimes, and that's deliberate on our part, to keep you on your toes).