Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Boys Celebrate Game Day! (and take the weekend off)

Like the rest of you, we've been drinking since daybreak to celebrate the first home football game of the year (obviously, we'll be passed out long before the game actually begins, but if it's even half as boring as Thursday's downtown pep rally, we won't be missing much).

Local sports journalist Tom Keegan's column of the day offers his prediction for this year's team: 4 wins, 8 losses.

The true fans (or "beakers," as one has termed himself in today's talkback) are not happy about such negativity. Let's take a look at the talkback.

njjayhawk says: "This "article" is a blantant case of "lazy writing" - of a 4th grade level attempt at journalism. Rambles, and says nothing that drives the "4-8, give or take" conclusion. Without any help at all from Tom's "analysis" printed here, I say KU will be land at 6-6, "give or take"."

jhawkclassof02 says: "Keegs, I hate you. No, I didn't even bother reading the article. I don't read your trash. Didn't have to. I hope the LJWorld realizes how many people are just like me and have altogether quit on this piece of garbage so-called journalist."

mizzousucks89 says: "Keeger, with all due respect... Go fu** your self."

Stay classy, Hawk fans! And Rock Chalk, readers! We'll see you again after the long weekend (as we need a break from being hip).

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