Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The LC Congratulates the City Fathers and Celebrates the Return of "Party Pics!"

We've had our share of issues with the city fathers, but they did the right thing last night in defying the wishes of local baron Doug Compton and approving a late-night food cart on Mass. Street:

"This has gone on long enough,” Mayor Mike Amyx said. “We need to get you guys in the hot dog business" (LJ-World).

Right on, Mike!

The owners of the food cart hope to have the business operational by the weekend, so we'll plan on meeting you all at 2:00 am for a hot dog after the We Are Country Mice gig at the Replay. And we predict every bite will taste like a sweet victory for the small business-owner.

Chip: "I'm going to take a picture of myself eating a late-night hot dog in front of Pita Pit and mail it to Doug Compton."


Yesterday morning we tweeted to complain about the lack of "party pics" in recent months. They tweeted back and promised to address our concerns. Yesterday afternoon new "party pics" appeared. A coincidence? Almost certainly. But we're going to pretend it's a sign of our increasing cultural power in Larryville. So let's celebrate the return of one of the few remaining features on that we actually enjoy by looking at a few of these A. Ruscin shots from a recent Pride Night at Wilde's Chateau.

Chip: "In this first picture, we see a common greeting used among young lesbians: the-rubbing-together-of-the-boobies."

If you click to enlarge, you'll notice a number of dollar bills. Is it acceptable to tip your favorite lesbians during Pride Night?

Richard: "In this next picture, we see a young man who is almost certainly dead. Notice that his friend has begun to cry."

Chip: "And in this final shot, the exposed left nipple signifies that a young gay man is in a committed relationship."


that's cool and all but keeping it real said... posting three-week-old party pics from Chateau of all places is hardly anything to get excited about.

we take what we can get said...

Agreed, but we must work with what they give us. WHY can't Ruscin go someplace hipper on occasion?

Anonymous said...

if you ever feel the urge to start another journalism revolution, check out ljworld stories and comments days.

punk said...


Anonymous said...

how could they be dead! they posted a new video about music! see??? cowboy indian bear! they're this cool new indie band! bet you haven't heard of them until this exclusive report!!!

Anonymous said...

Party pics depress me. The only sexual being I could objectify in all those photos is the skinny lesbian dressed as a stripper. Which I would readily defile, of course, but her chubby-bunny friend would surely cock-block me...unless...I could have pizza and cookies stored in my apartment so she'd have no reason! Genius! ...And stolen from Chappelle Show. Whatever, good lesson--