Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Krause Cookbook / More Press for Hurray for the Riff Raff / Garage Fest Coverage Continues

Readers, how often do you sit around wondering what to fix for dinner and desperately wishing you knew how to make a Wild Boar Dog? Now that the Krause's long-awaited cookbook has finally appeared, the time for you to weird up your dishes has finally come. The cookbook's not-so-catchy title is The Cook’s Book of Intense Flavors: 101 Surprising Flavor Combinations and Extraordinary Recipes that Excite Your Palate and Pleasure Your Senses. The authors will be signing copies at the Bay Leaf on Saturday afternoon for those of you who insist on believing that chefs are celebrities.

Richard: "I'm going to ask them to sign my copy using squid ink from my Esquina squid taco!"

The LJ-World talkback for the cookbook story is full of the usual haters, such as timeforachange: "You can keep your autographed book to feed your ego to yourself. I have eaten at The French Laundry, Gary Danko's, and elBulli so I do understand good food. You are not in their league. Not even close."

But our favorite, short but sweet, comment is from Andini: "The McDonalds on 23rd Street reopens tomorrow!!!"

Read the full article here:


Readers, allow us once again to promote New Orleans' Hurray for the Riff Raff, whose background and subject matter make them perfectly suited for their Friday night gig among the hobos who hang out at North Larryville's Gaslight Tavern. Here's the bio from their press materials:

"Hurray for the Riff Raff began when a teenage Alynda Lee Segarra began hopping trains, traveling across the country while learning to play banjo. Eventually she settled in New Orleans, and allowed music to take hold of her life. She quickly embraced the city's community of street musicians, who encouraged her to develop her banjo skills and sing old Jazz songs. She was soon performing with many of the traditional jazz bands who perform on the sidewalks of the French Quarter, playing and singing while learning from the music of the city she loves.

Here's their album cover and a press photo. Wouldn't you like to have a beer and maybe hop a train with these folks on Friday? We're planning to ask Alynda to tell us the top ten funniest hobo names she learned while riding the rails (check this out, in the meantime: ).


We like to think that our Garage Fest coverage may be the most amusing in town, but it's probably not the most useful. We'll give that award to Abner the Owl over at Balanced for Broadcast:

(direct link in our sidebar link list).

Her newest entry posts tracks from each of the bands playing at Liberty Hall that night, which is certainly useful for you lazy hipsters who can't be bothered to track down all the individual Myspace pages of the bands. Abner describes her approach to Garage Fest coverage as "sooo much easier that writing a bunch of pretentious jibberish about of lot of bands I know little to nothing about."

So the LC will fill your need for "pretentious jibberish" and leave the high-tech stuff to Abner.

Most of our time at Garage Fest is indeed likely to be spent at Liberty, partly because we're old and lazy and like the idea of sitting in the balcony and heckling the bands like those two old guys on the Muppet Show. We're especially looking forward to headliners The Raveonettes. Check out these lyrics from their song "Love in a Trash Can":

"If you touch that girl
You know it's okay
People say she's a whore anyway
I think she looks like a nice vamp
Looking for love in a trashcan"

Chip: "Is this a song about fucking in a pile of garbage, or is the title a metaphor regarding the difficulty of establishing real connection in our sex-obsessed modern era? Please tell me it's the first one."


appreciative said...

that's my favorite all time image from the LC - Chip and Richard as cranky muppets in the balcony. Thanks Nog.

Statler and Waldorf said...

You must have forgotten the days when we used to publish "Babes We'd Bone" photos!

Anonymous said...

Agree with appreciative. I was even going to buy a beer for the person that knew the old Muppet hecklers' names. Someone beat me to it. So I'll drink that beer myself and cheers the LC!

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