Saturday, September 18, 2010

The LC's Local Record Review!

You may know BARRR primarily as that Asteroid Head dude who's always at Wonder Fair or as that guy who's calling you a pussy on the kickball field, but now you'll know him as a mixtape wizard. "Illest Summer" is available to stream over at or via Itunes. Check it out. What do the boys think?

Richard: "BARRR kicks off his mix with a sample of Spose's 'I'm Awesome'--'I'm the most obnoxious guest up at the sausage fest'--providing us a glimpse into his own personality (as you'll know if you've ever been to a party with BARRR) before treating us to 50 minutes that conjure the many moods of summers past. A representative moment occurs just around the nine-minute mark, as the lazy strains of Alan Parsons' "Eye in the Sky" give way to the bravado of Run DMC's "Walk This Way,' conjuring up the kind of summer hipster day where you spend the afternoon lounging by the pool and the evening banging some chick you met at the TapRoom. If there's a problem with the album, it's that, at 50 minutes, it far exceeds the average scenester attention span, which lasts only about as long as a Rooftop Vigilantes record (about fifteen minutes)."

Chip: "I have a feeling that, if I were to play this record on my front porch, my yard would magically fill up with a horde of PBR-swilling scenesters. Therefore, I will never play this record on my front porch."

And a note to local artists: we'll review your records too, if you ask us sweetly, give us free copies, and/or promise to reward us with a couple of your groupies (the latter is especially directed toward Fourth of July, since you guys have the hottest groupies in town).


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LC mixtape said...

When will the boys put together a mix of all the songs that give them boners?

Anonymous said...

I'll be your master of ceremonies if you send me a track

Chip said...

"Sugar Dick" gives me a boner!