Saturday, September 25, 2010

Final Fridays Coverage / Game Day, Vol. IV

Readers, are your walls adorned with new art purchased during Larryville's second installment of Final Fridays? Ours aren't, but we certainly gawked at a bit of it last night.

We took in the zombie pictures modeled after family portraits at the Pig.

Richard: "On one hand, it's a wonderfully clever commentary on the 'decay' of the traditional family unit but, on the other hand, it's a little dull. Hipsters need a new monster of choice. Maybe the chupacabras?"

And we took in Jouvelt's portraits of local artists such as Molly Murphy and Wayne Propst at Wonder Fair.

Chip: "I liked the portraits, but why would I buy them when I can just walk over to the Pig and look at Molly and Wayne, but especially Molly, in the flesh."

And make sure to check out BARRR's contentious podcast interview with the controversial Jouvelt. The address is below (and a direct link to all the podcasts can be found in our sidebar: rumor is that Richard might make a special appearance in one of BARRR's Hall Monitors film podcasts, so keep your ears open, hipsters!):

After the art, Richard joined local music scholar King Tosser (read his book, why don't you!) and Eastside Reverend H. for an evening of rock on the Replay patio. Legendary KC songwriter Howard Iceberg was making his triumphant return to the Larryville stage after what he claimed was likely a 15 year absence. While Howard's voice may have seen its better days thirty or so years ago (if that voice ever had better days), the songwriting itself was stellar, as Howard effortlessly tossed off line after line that deserved a home on the country and pop charts. And his band, the Titanics, were, as hipsters like to say these days, "on point." Our friend the Reverend deemed the show "the best concert I've seen in years." And we'd almost agree with her (except for maybe that recent Truckstop Honeymoon show...and the time we saw Transmittens playing their toy instruments on the Replay patio...and every performance by the Rooftop Vigilantes).


Readers, it's KU Game Day, and we're drunk (because it helps us forget that the team sucks). Yesterday's LJ-World offered an interesting piece on Coach Gill's team policies, which are a little harsher than we expected from Mr. warm-and-fuzzy. Apparently he confiscates the players' cellphones the day before each game to prevent distractions and also denies his players the company of women after 10:00 each and every night.

Chip: "But what about the gay Hawks? Can they still enjoy the company of men?"

Richard: "I suspect it's probably a don't ask, don't tell policy with Gill."


Let Us Prey said...
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let's not be dicks said...

Come on, folks!

Anonymous said...

What could possibly be more offensive than my daily shenanigans and the Jayhawks' team?

the blog administrator said...

Sometimes that sumbitch Chip says things that are simply beyond the pale!

@BARRR said...

whoa. deleted comment.

Laying long smoothe dong to Chip! said...

Ooooooooh, are the Kip-fuckers returned!

--They were my favorite segment!

the boss of this zoo said...

Chip-fucking is still acceptable behavior in here. Other forms of slander are not.

Now let's watch some KU football.

Anonymous said...

Uh... Could we watch Kip fuck the bear instead?

--Harry Lupus: Another classic! least mores than KU football or that POS from Franzen.

The Larryville Chronicles said...

I'm tired, I'm so tired.

does it make it better if i write something here instead of being anonymous? said...

where is ljworld's coverage of final fridays? (or's coverage for that matter?) by the look of their website you'd think all that happens here are football games, violence, and people going missing.

art lovers said...

Nice name. Yes, it makes it better! But really, it's not so much the anonymity we mind, but the assholery.

Our local cultural guides enjoy listing events (often incorrectly) but rarely following up with any kind of commentary. It's a problem! But who will solve it?

In other news, however, stabbings do seem to be down lately.

ljwdisgrunt said...

y'all need to figure out how to trick into "following up" and/or giving a shit: name whatever band/event/blah blah blah after a foodstuff or recipe, refer to child rearing, and/or holistic medicine (no, not the "i don't have insurance kind). combine all three and you could get top billing!