Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent Concert Reviews: Pixies / The LJ-World's "Go" Magazine Examines Campus Fashion

Local hipsters have shelled out so much cash for two consecutive weekends to see overpriced Pavement and Pixies reunion tours that they may be hard pressed to buy a case of PBR this week. Sure, we all shelled out a lot of cash a few years back for a Pixies reunion, but this time they were playing Doolittle all the way through, a seminal album for any true hipster. So how was this weekend's Pixies show? Let's turn to the Pitch to find out (since, as usual, we didn't actually attend the show).

"The houselights dimmed, and footage from Luis Bunuel's 1929 trippy surrealist short, "Un Chien Andalou," flashed on stage. Following the shots of slicing up eyeballs and awkward gropings, the Pixies took the stage..."

Chip: "Un Chien Andalou is my third favorite work by Bunuel. Just kidding. I don't know who Bunuel is, and I resent the Pixies for rubbing my face in my own cultural ignorance."

"The screams of appreciation erupted when they came back with "Slow Wave" and "Into the White," a slow, steady dirge played while a fog machine filled the room."

Richard: "A fog machine? Are you a hipster band or an 80's hair metal stadium act?"

But perhaps some of the hippest hipsters in attendance were there primarily to check out Pitchfork-approved opening act Fuck Buttons. The reviewer, however, wasn't impressed, but doesn't he realize he'd come off as hipper if he championed their shenanigans:

"There didn't seem to be a whole lot of la la love for Fuck Buttons, the opening noise-duo act. The English pair came out, stood around, turned some knobs and played one long, boring track full of blips, boops and bass."


The LJ-World's Monday "lifestyle magazine" continues to do important work, such as today's piece on the current face of campus fashion at KU. According to the article, "the height of campus fashion happens to be the running short. And not just any run-of-the-mill jogging apparel, but two certain styles of Nike running short, the basic Tempo and the sleeker Pacer."

Chip: "The shorts are wonderfully comfortable, but not easy to hide a boner in."

Naturally, the article turns to local fashion maven (and LC favorite) Katy Seibel for commentary:

“There’s a lot of sartorial diversity on campus, but generally speaking, I think campus fashion is a more casual, comfortable version of current trends."

Personally, we're hoping for a trend that involves more sophistication, such as little black cocktail dresses worn without panties. But that's just us.


Anonymous said...

As someone who cops a raging boner for Luis Buñuel, I must agree with Chip in saying that 'Un chien andalou' is my third fave film of his. Behind 'Tristana' and 'Viridiana'--both of which star the non-Spanish speaking Catherine Deneueve who elicits an illicit boner on my part--are pretty stellar films and get the two thumbs of approval from Buñuel himself for having a modicum of meaning. That is, Buñuel and Salvador Dalí collab'd on 'Un chien' in what amounts to a grand experiment in celluloid that either party would admit no meaning, theme or plot--unless one looked at it strictly from a Freudian psychoanalysis perspective.
Anyways, that's my two cents on the topic.

Chip said...