Friday, September 10, 2010

Hipster Event of the Weekend: Pavement! / Franzen Boner Patrol

Surely we can agree that THE hipster event of the weekend is the KC stop of Pavement's reunion tour. Will you be attending? Or are you too hip? Perhaps you saw them just after Slanted and Enchanted came out and you don't want to sully that perfect hipster memory? Or perhaps you stopped listening after Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain? Or perhaps you're just unwilling to engage in that kind of hipster-nostalgia and realize that you could drink 15 PBR's for the price of a Pavement reunion ticket?

Please write in with your best Pavement memories, and we'll publish them later (if they amuse us).

A quote from a recent Guardian review of a London reunion show: "Their later material sounds marginally less like a band attempting to play while on a rough ferry crossing...".


Since not all of you are devoting your time to Franzen's Freedom (as you should be), we want to occasionally share with you our favorite boner references from this instant-classic:

"His crying had given him a boner that he now removed from his boxers and khakis and held onto for dear life...He so much liked looking at it..." (Franzen 250).

Our feminist readers: "It makes us sad that even the President of the United States is devoting his time to the masturbatory fantasies of yet another White Male author desperate to make it into the canon. Your boner prose is not canonical, Franzen!"

Ladies, we beg to differ.


jess said...

I'll be going cause I got free tickets! That way I can spend my extra money on PBR, clearly. I'll be sure to update you -- although something tells me it'll be full of tools cause it's at the Uptown, and I have yet to experience a show without a ton of tools to slightly/drunkenly ruin any experience there.

Larryville townie said...

Yes, indeed, it is always a bad idea to attend non-Larryville shows, even to witness Malkmus and company. But feel free to submit a report and get printed on the LC! (which then gives you the dubious honor of having snarky commenters talk shit about your work!).