Friday, December 11, 2009

Stop Day!

Readers, it's Stop Day, a local holy day when real work is forbidden and we all recover from the debauchery and orgies of the night before.

Even so, we'll bring you one photo from last night at Q's, in which a grinning, unshaven Cl.thier tries to surreptitiously capture women at the bar by pretending to take a photo of himself. He wasn't overly successful and later he was questioned by Q's "den mother" about the evening's photography, at which point he politely explained that he was simply documenting "local nightlife" for a blog called The Larryville Chronicles (luckily, he did not mention that said blog was also planning a contest to see which waitress had the "sweetest titties.").


cl.thier said...

I don't believe the camera was in my hands when said den mother came over!

Dr. C said...

Woah, who is that shaggy mountain man? And where are the sweet titties?

let's blame Chip! said...

True, Cl.thier, although her comments seemed directed at you more than anyone. You looked guiltiest, I guess!

Where ARE the sweet titties?

My hand is numb at the thought! said...


The Cloth has aged.

...yet, I have always felt his titties were sweet.

--Kip's exude an acidic substance that resembles sulfuric ass!