Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Boys Consider Late-Night Food Carts on Mass. Street / Also: A Public Service Announcement

Downtown Larryville is constantly looking to provide more services for late-night drunkards. In addition to this spring's impending rickshaw service ("To the Replay, sir, and make it snappy!"), several KU students are petitioning the city fathers that food carts be allowed to operate late at night for those who may need a hot dog after an evening at the bar (current legislation prevents vendors from operating after 9:00 p.m).

Richard: "Sure, this is great for undiscriminating bargoers who just want a quick bite after an evening's drinking, but what about the Larryville foodies? I hope Robert Krause will consider a late-night taco stand so I can have a fried-banana taco at 2:00 a.m."

Chip: "During my recent trip to Esquina, I asked if they could please leave off the peanuts on my chicken taco and I was politely informed that I might prefer Taco Bell instead."


Readers, we occasionally get discouraged at the lack of commentary regarding our hilarious hipster updates and boner jokes, but then along comes a greeting like the following, which addresses a recent post and appeared in our inbox yesterday to remind us that the world is truly full of Good Samaritans with all of our best interests at heart:


Somebody could hurt themselves jerking off to a sideways picture like that. As a public service, I've rotated it for you in case you want to offer an alternative view."

Thank you, kind reader! And, as for the rest of you, continue rubbing one out to Sammy Ryry and Big Jay!

Captain Chanute: "Ten bucks says Big Jay banged her later while wearing that Jayhawk head."

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