Friday, March 12, 2010

This Weekend in Local Art / Also, Another Visit to Anna Undercover's Stripper Blog!

Perhaps you're looking for something to do this weekend besides watch basketball or listen to Surfer Blood. Let us recommend a Sunday night art opening at the Pig called "Let Liberty Be Nude," which describes as follows:

"A study on a nude Statue of Liberty. An extensive series illustrated and printed on canvas by artist Donnie Lee."

Richard: "This sounds like a powerful image to embody how our freedoms are constantly being 'stripped' away."

Chip: "If I boned the Statue of Liberty, I'd ask her to leave her crown on."


And while we're back on the subject of nudity (as requested by someone posing as Beth in the comments but was almost certainly Dr. X), let's check in with Anna Undercover's stripper blog today. In a very touching entry, Anna relates the story of a regular customer who became a good friend until one day he violated the strip club rules:

"...for once, he did want a dance. As I told you in this entry, he put his mouth on my boob. "What the hell!" I'd said. "I thought you said you'd follow the rules!" He didn't apologize. I saw red, but said nothing further about what he did. I was too pissed. I finished the dance, took his $300, and stiffly bid him good bye."

Richard: "300 dollars?! What the hell indeed? Would it really be too much to let him put a mouth on a boob for that price?"

Chip: "I guess the question of when you can put a mouth on a boob is just as confusing in a strip club as it is in real life."


Dr. X approves... and disapproves! said...


I have called for a return to the most important of blog foci: titittity! Further, where's the gratuitous shot of a very fuckable one hundred foot tall copper lady?

Unfortunately, I cannot condone some elephantine misproportion of stripper fees. If I am not getting my wax on waxxed off by some mediocre cloven thong whore, then I am calling in the federallis for a bullshit overdraft!

I don't care of you look like Jenna Jameson scissor-fucking Jenna Haze with a stud-goaded dwarfling carrying the astroglide: $300?!? For Lawrence corn-fed women? Bullshit and sandwichs!

--The only fucking inflation I want at those prices are on Kip's pants (as that is the bare minimum price for a female slattern to even consider touching his limp member.)

scissor sisters said...

Amen, Chip, amen. Truer words have never come out of your fictional mouth.

a fool and his money said...

$300 is a pretty steep fee for a lapdance, and if it were me, I'd certainly negotiate the right to put something somewhere (although, chances are I probably wouldn't want to), but if you decide you're prepared to pay $300 for a "club rules" lapdance, you can't change the terms of that agreement. A deal's a deal, and unless you're Darth Vader you can't change it if you later decide you want a little more.

leagle beagle said...

"you can't change the terms of that agreement. A deal's a deal,"

After a thorough Lexus Nexus search (which consisted primarily of groping my nubile research assistant) I find the case law empoweringly silent on this matter.