Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today in Local Sports

Readers, it's "Fake Patty's Day" at the Replay, and we hope you started your day off with their breakfast specials (green eggs and Hamm's...get it?). Perhaps Richard will pop in this afternoon to check out KC's SXSW-bound Grisly Hand, and of course everyone who's hip in Larryville will be at tonight's Surfer Blood gig.

But the town is currently more preoccupied with the Big 12 tournament, which has turned into yet another Sunflower Showdown. Can KU beat K-State a third time this season? Is Chip so nervous he's actually leaving the country? And will last night's near street-bawl with A&M materialize fully tonight. It seems that KU sports opinion writer Tom Keegan is hoping so:

"Breathe on Collins the wrong way, and he’ll twist it into a slight, and when he does that he’ll reach down your throat, grab your heart, rip it out, stomp on it and laugh at everyone who had the unmitigated gall to hope it still has a few beats left in it."

Chip: "And after that, he'll wave his dong around on an elevator in a celebratory fashion. Truly, he's the best we've ever had."

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