Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Boys Consider the New Album by She and Him / Local Album Cover of the Week / Lost Fanboys Speak Out!

Perhaps hipster It-girl Zooey Deschanael has lost a bit of her hipster luster through overexposure of late, but the boys still want to bang her as much, if not more, than they did last year.

She's back in the limelight this week with the release of She and Him: Volume 2 and, according to Pitchfork, the album is actually (and surprisingly) .2 points hipper than Volume 1 (this one receives a 7.6):

"On the sequel, Deschanel seems more confident as a singer, songwriter, and vocal arranger. She still has more personality than range, but has learned to maneuver around the parts she can't nail in order to sell them."

Chip: "I'd nail her parts, if you catch my meaning."

Here's Zooey (in Time Out New York) discussing the ukulele: "I like the way it sounds and it’s just so cute!"


If you love local freak-folk (and who doesn't?) but are tired of Drakkar Sauna, make sure to check out the new album from The Ants, Stories About Killing.* Here's the album cover, which we think you'll agree is totally adorable (Chip: "I like the bunnies.").

[* Note: Album does contain some backing vocals from Drakkar Sauna].


Tonight's episode of Lost features a pretentious Latin title, "Ab aeterno" ("Since the beginning of time"), and centers around fanboy-favorite Richard Alpert. It's also six minutes longer than normal, giving the writers ample time to continue NOT answering any of the fans' burning questions.

Let's check in with today's AICN talkback very briefly.

3D-Man says: "Have you guys seen this theory about the island being on a MOON? Check it out! http://obscuresound.com/?p=4175


I wanna kill, kill, kill said...

Zooey is cute, but unless that finger is loaded and she's gonna blast the hell outta that guy in the powder-blue suit, well . . . I like bunnies killing and eating sheep brains. The only thing that would be better is if they had a freakin' bazooka and blew that sheep to little itty bitty pieces and ran 'em over with the lawnmower and ate the green goo and gore.

M Ward said...

Hey, I'm the "Him" to her "She" and quite essential! But I suppose things WOULD be considerably cuter without me!