Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Boys Answer Reader Mail / Band Cancellation of the Week

One of the most-asked questions at the LC is this: "I'm very intrigued by Anna Undercover's stripper blog and I'm wondering how I will recognize her in person if I visit the Outhouse. LC, can you help me?"

Readers, we can! Although Anna never provides pictures of herself on her blog, her most recent post offers a description of her preferred stripper attire:

"I've been rocking the pin-up girl look for a while now, and typically wear cute, 'modern' black lingerie with pink or white ribbons and bows that suggest the preferred styles of the 50's and 60's...FYI to people who haven't visited me at work: As a rule, regardless of the rest of my get-up, I wear fishnet thigh-highs and big, black, Bettie Page-style retro-ish platform heels. My hair is always in two pigtail-type loops with twin white bows pinned above them. What brings the look together, of course, is the infamous belt/whip I wear around my shoulders. (Sugar and spice always was a lie)."

Go forth, and get yourself a lapdance. And, if you don't want to risk getting arrested during the drunken drive back home through the cornfields, consider taking "The Booby Bus." (special thanks to Farmer Dave for reminding Richard of the existence of the Booby Bus during last week's St. Patty's Parade).

Chip: "If I so much as hear the Booby Bus drive by, I get a magnificent boner."

Check out the website here, complete with fascinating pictures of the interior of the Booby Bus (which is decorated with pictures of naked boobies):


With so many gigs scheduled in Larryville each week, it's only natural that a few of these will be cancelled. Many clubs try to post such information on their websites as soon as possible out of consideration to their patrons while others, like the Replay, tend to assume their customers are drunk enough that they won't notice whether or not the band shows up: for three bucks, you pays your money and you takes your chances.

Here's a notice we spotted on yesterday, posted by a helpful reader regarding last night's early show by These Are Powers at the Jackpot:

"This show should show as canceled. Talked to the band in Austin and they were forced to cancel a week of dates due to van malfunction and a hospitalization due to barbershop skin infections...".


Capt. Chanute said...

Sounds like a bunch of excuses. Barbershop skin infections? More like sand in the vagina...

demon barber of fleet street said...

Those guys really need a new barber.