Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HUGE Hipster News of the Day: Pavement Playing in KC! / Also, Bill Self's Tweets and Fanboy Comments on Lost!

Thanks to local rock columnist Nick Spac.k for tipping us off to the news that the reunited Pavement will play in KC at the Uptown on September 11. That's right, lazy hipsters. You don't have to drive to Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival after all.

Chip: "Never heard of 'em."

Pavement's reunion tour is selling out across the globe, but are the tickets being purchased by the old-guard hipsters (who are normally immune to such nostalgia and unwilling to pay more than five bucks to see a band) or a younger wave of hipsters who never got a chance to see Pavement the first time around? We think it's almost certainly the latter.

Richard: "I can see important new bands, such as Surfer Blood, for three bucks at the Replay, for fuck's sake."


Just when local fans were starting to think the Jayhawks might make it through the Big 12 undefeated, along came Oklahoma State, whose easy thrashing of the Hawks this past Saturday led to statements such as this on the local message boards:

Lawrenceguy40: "I've said it many times before, but bill self is a LOSER. We will have many "what might have been" seasons with him. He is another roy williams - but got lucky here, once!"

But what does Self himself have to say. Let's check his Tweets:

"Had a day to analyze sat. Can't discuss in only 140 characters. Can't wait 4 practice today and ksu prep. #4 needs a grand finally."

Richard: "Wow, the guy is so upset he can't even come close to spelling 'finale.' correctly, or even distiguishing it from another word entirely."


Most readers probably have no interest in Tuesday's Lost-related fanboy excerpts, but we find it endlessly amusing, so here are a few quotes from AICN talkbackers regarding tonight's Sayid-centric installment of the show.

ThrowMeTheIdol says: "You completely missed the point Royston. I wasn't criticizing the show, I was saying I thought the island might be a ship of some kind."

crezwell says: "baby" in clares cot. did anyone else think it looked like a mini tawaret statue? looked like an animal skull with a fake babies body. havent seen many hippos in lost yet tho to get the skull from "

And lostboytexass wins our prize for funniest fanboy quote of the week:

"Last week, in the scene where Jack is at his wife/ex-wifes house (referred to as David's mother's house) and he's listening to the old answering machine messages (that were either deliberately saved or never listened to), wel. in my opinion the "The Who - Maximum R&B" poster on the wall does not refer to anything or any one Lost related and, in fact, may have NO actual plot related significance at all.
Think about it."


lost geeks anonymous said...

Why is it that I love Lost so much that I am even intrigued/amused/drawn in by these inane comments?

the island is a ship! said...

I've said it all along.

beth said...

I, on the other hand, stopped reading when I got to the stuff about Lost...

harry lupus said...

Our best work is never a hit with the readers!

I am going to kick Beth's ass said...

Disparage Lost.

It's a paddling.