Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today in Local Sports / Oscar Coverage Begins

Obviously, the talk of the town right now is this evening's match-up between KU and K-State, both currently ranked in the top five. According to Chip, a loss in tonight's game will likely result in a twenty year downward spiral for KU's program, akin to what happened to K-State after a similarly epic contest in the late 80's (as always, Chip will not be watching the K-State game and instead plans to spend the evening in a cornfield outside town, wearing headphones and listening to the new Michael Buble album). Tonight also serves as the final home game (Senior Night) for local hero and elevator dick-waver Sherron Coll.ns, who has promised to deliver a heartwarming, tear-drenched speech after the game. Will he wave around his cock one final time in a victory salute? Go Hawks!


The Oscars arrive on Sunday, and the heated, neck-and-neck battle between sci-fi 3D blockbuster Avatar and low-budget war film The Hurt Locker has divided the nation. Chip, a supporter of the mainstream, will be hosting an Avatar-themed event where guests dress as Na'vis, while Richard believes that, the less viewers a film has, the better it must be, and supports The Hurt Locker 100% percent.

As usual, the Academy failed to recognize several important pictures (despite expanding the number of Best Picture nominees from five to ten), and today the boys offer a brief commentary on what got left out.

Richard: "I won't say that Transformers II was a great film, but the scene where the little robot humped Megan Fox's leg touched me more than anything in Precious. It's just a powerful commentary on the natural human desire to hump Megan Fox's leg."

Chip: "Is Hotel For Dogs nominated? I enjoyed that one."


Mindi said...

I just discovered The Secret of Kells. It looks adorable and awesome and all sorts of nostalgic kind of animation. Of course, I've been living under a rock, and still not getting work done.

farting gerbils said...

It's a travesty that G-Force was snubbed in the Best Animated Film category. A travesty!