Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Hipsters Become Comedians / Pictures from Rusc.n and the Pitch / Lost Fanboys Speak Out

Local comedy in Larryville has been around for awhile now, but no one has considered it "hip" (much of it exists in the form of college improv groups and outfits like the Felt Show, which features excellent puppets but sloppy, unfunny writing). But the TapRoom aims to change this with an occasional event called Sketch Bags which, despite its name, is not sketch-comedy but rather an evening of stand-up comedy from local hipsters who fancy themselves comedians. Many of them are apparently musicians as well, such as local songbird Suzannes Johannes, who relates "humorous yarns about her boyfriend's baldness" (Lawrence.com).

Organizer Jason Barr refers to the event as an "underground, anti-comedy comedy show."

Chip: "I think anti-comedy means it's not funny, right?"

Richard: "Actually, it's more like comedy that doesn't rely on traditional punch-lines. You know, similar to hipster favorites such as David Cross and Brian Posein and Zach Galafinakis, though his increasing crossover appeal in mainstream comedies like The Hangover demands that hipsters reject him."

Chip: "But if there are no punch-lines, how do I know when to laugh?"

Richard: "Just laugh when others do, Chip."

Check out a podcast which features live audio from the events on Lawrence.com. It begins with some fart noises, which are apparently funny in comedy and anti-comedy alike.


The next Sketch Bags is tomorrow. See you at the TapRoom.


A. Rusc.n is already back with more "party pics" at Lawrence.com, this time from last week's Family Night Fashion Show at Teller's (Chip: " 'Family night' is a code word for gay, right?").

Let's check out one of them. We're not sure what's happening here, but it doesn't look very professional (click to enlarge and observe the two guys on the sidelines, one of whom seems to be trying to stifle his boner).

Shortly after perusing these 'party pics,' Richard checked out a slideshow of photos at the Pitch spotlighting last weekend's huge bull-riding competition at the Sprint Center in KC. This one made him think: Sweet lord, I've got to get out of the Replay once in a while and see what the rest of the world has to offer:


Tonight's Ben-centric episode of Lost is titled "Dr. Linus" and is directed (mysteriously) by Mario Van Peebles. Will it be a very special "blaxsploitation" episode? Let's hope so. Ben is a fanboy favorite, and the episode, judging from fanboy talkbacks, is highly-anticipated.

billypilgrimisunstuck says: "LOST to me is what football means to most men."

Chip: "I think he's put his finger on exactly what's wrong with Lost geeks."

The biggest fanboy complaint of recent weeks is the sudden appearance of a lighthouse on the island, which apparently went unnoticed by the characters for five seasons. Luckily Huckster Finn explains it succinctly:

"Lighthouse is not visible to certain people...Because it's Jacob's, and Jacob can appear to those we wants to appear to, he endowed Hurley and Jack with the ability to see it. Or perhaps it can only be visible from up close and not far away. Therefore, you won't see it unless you know where it's going to be. That's why it's never be on any of the maps & diagrams. It's obviously not meant to serve as a real lighthouse, as it's Jacob's magical lighthouse. If you can buy into a smoke monster, an electromagnetic, timetraveling island that heals people, is it so hard to believe in a magical lighthouse??"

Richard: "Exactly, Huckster. Exactly."


the rev said...

It makes me laugh when Richard starts taking the Lord's name in vain.

black dynamite said...

Surely a Van Peebles episode of Lost will be the greatest episode of all time.

"We're goin' on a boat trip to kung-fu island!"

dr. linus = dr. smilie said...

Mario isn't the Van Peebles child that gets my juices flowin'!

dr. smilie = ass pony said...